Best size for burlap squares for grass clipping haul off?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Exact Rototilling, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Exact Rototilling

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    Yes these are for grass clipping & yes I plan on side discharge/mulch whenever possible but it makes far more sense to have a 6 foot x 6 foot burlap squares to dump clippings onto then tie corners than to struggle with plastic trash bags unless it's left at the customers curb or at their trash barrel.
    And no I'm not going to dump clippings in the back of my enclosed trailer or my truck bed. Huge PITA. :hammerhead:

    With all that said . . . what is the best size of burlap square to use 72" x 72" or possibly bigger 96" x 96" maybe smaller 54" x 54"?

    Also do you use 7 oz or 10 oz burlap?

    Treated or untreated?

    Also a good online source that doesn't require a $100 to $150 minimum purchase would help?
  2. Pro Edge Lawn & Landscape

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    We use 6x6 burlaps everyday I dont know if there are 7 oz or 10 but i'm guessing there are 7 oz. We run walkers and its a perfect size to dump the hopper into. Just be sure they dry out if they get too wet
  3. P.Services

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    we always use blue plastic tarps, they slide alomg real nice, we found the burlap to take much more effort to pull.
  4. Birdjr

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    U may also want to use heavy duty mesh tarps they call them bullydog tarps up here. I have 2 just threw out the one today that we have been using for around 6 years.
  5. topsites

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    6x8 actually, for clippings.
    8x 10 for leaves

    You still have to watch it sometimes they still get too heavy to lift, but as a rule I do well with those sizes, solo.
    Dernier or cordura, not cheap but they last a long time, only kind I buy.

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    I use these 4x3.5 tarp bags, ya bags and they work great cuz they are twice the size of a regular trash bag and are reusable. They are very easy to empy and its nice becasue you dont have to clean the leaves out of the trailer after everyday. Just empty the bags in five minutes and you are done. Just my opinion.
  7. Roger

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    I bought ten of these:

    a few years ago. They have gone through very rough treatment for a long time. I keep two of them active, and have now gone through nearly all of them. They are extremely tough. More importantly, they are the right size (7X7) for me for grass clippings. I'm not a tall person (5-9), not strong, [aged to boot!], so how well I can carry them over my shoulder is important. I am able to dump two (sometimes a third) GrassGobblers, or four bags off a hand mower. If dragging, then I can dump 3-4 Gobbler's of clippings, but I cannot get that much over my shoulder for carrying.

    I have tried the typical 6X8 poly tarps, but don't like them nearly as well. Being square makes the carrying task easier.

    I also use the 7X7 polypropylene tarps in the Fall sometimes, when leaves are wet and heavy. The size permits allows loading more weight than I can carry.

    I did have some burlap tarps earlier, but they didn't last long. They became unraveled easily, torn easily, and would rot under the damp conditions. The polypropylene ones are not damaged by dampness. If wet, they dry out quickly.
  8. georgiagrass

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    We use the blue plastic 8x10 tarps. They slide great and two guys can lift it. We go through them pretty quickly though in the fall when we do leaves.
  9. Jay Ray

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    I read somewhere that burlap is in short supply with prices way up. I tried to find Ray's Bag Co. where I bought it a few times and could not find the site anymore. On some other sites it was pricey. I used it a few times pinned on slopes to control erosion until grass came up from seed.

    We had a Harbor Freight open here and tarps are priced pretty good but don't know how good of quality they are.

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