Best skid/CTL for dozer type leveling/grading

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by 4 seasons lawn&land, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. AWJ Services

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    The ASV undercarraige was such a success that Cat did not need to come out with a conventional CTL with a rigid undercarraige? Right?
  2. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    looked up so close up pics. I see the older ones had 2 sets or bogies on each side
  3. TMlawncare

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    Almost right. Cat knew that the ASV undercarriage is state of the art for specific applications. This is why Cat bought a stake in the company. Cat also knew that the undercarriage had problems in rocky conditions so they had to develop a rigid platform as well.
  4. 4 seasons lawn&land

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  5. talus

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    Oh come on man.:laugh:

    289 = ctl

    277 = mtl/ ASV type
  6. Bleed Green

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    The CTL's have all steel undercarriages and are more rigid and sturdy it sounds like than the MTL's undercarriages.
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  7. AEL

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    Ctl is a compact track loader, all steel undercarriages. for example a bobcat , takkie, kubota, johndeere, or any of the 9 series cats. (259,279,289,299) A Mtl is a multi terrain loader, and example would be machines with the suspension undercarriages such as ASV machines, Terex machines, and the cat 7 series(257,277,287,297)
  8. excav8ter

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    Replaced my D4C with a Takeuchi TL 130 ....never looked back. If I have a job big enough to require a dozer, I sub out the job, or rent it. While I know many guys swear buy the ASV/Cat/Terex undercarriage, I can't see having to spend that kind of $$$$ for U/C maintenance. Skip the suspended U/C and learn how to grade, then it won't ride so rough. :)
  9. Cornell

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    Any CTL with a sharp cutting edge IMO

  10. muddywater

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    My buddy just traded his 287c for a 289c. At 2000 hrs he was looking at 13k for a new undercarriage so he traded. The 289c does not have the traction or stability the 287c does. Not by much but there is a difference.

    I have had a tl150 for about a year. It was just too big to haul on our isuzu frr, but i bet that thing is about as close to a dozer as you can get.

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