Best skid/CTL for dozer type leveling/grading

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by 4 seasons lawn&land, Aug 9, 2012.

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    its crazy that he was looking at a cost like that because you can buy an entire undercarriage from a Terex dealer for the C series for about $8,500- set of tracks, fully assembled sprockets and every bogie and idler in the entire undercarriage. $5,695 for an entire 247/257 undercarriage.
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    8500+ tracks+ labor+sales tax= what?
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    No you cannot. I personally checked w 5 dealers for him. I think the lowest was actually 12k for an entire undercarriage w shipping, that was 5% above cost. This is parts only. Other dealers wanted 16k.
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    That is INSANE! What do you figure is the cost per hour for just undercarriage wear? I know those Cat/ASV/Terex machines can be decent, but that kind of cost, would really eat into profits. I am running around $2.34/hr in UC wear on my TL130.
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    The smaller ASV machines do have comparable operating expenses to a CTL. The large machines is where the different cost per hour starts to really come into play. The ASV large machines are tough on undercarraiges.

    Most CTL machines will need tracks at 1000 hours give or take. Oem will set you back 3500 on the big machines. Aftermarket will be around 2500.
  6. excav8ter

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    I just put Solideal B pattern tracks and Sprockets on my machine for under $2400....including labor. OEM was going to be around $4,000
  7. muddywater

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    And that 13k doesnt include the tracks, few bogies, and sprocket rebuild he did at 1100 hrs. And he mainly stays in dirt with very little gravel or rocky conditions
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    It is insane. The ASV undercarriage on an ASV has a place in the market on certain jobs and certain environments. Keep it in its "zone" and you can be happy with the costs and performance. Those machines will grip uneven ground like no other undercarriage. They are quiet (my favorite feature) and they of course ride better. ASV built their superstructures around the suspension, no one knows the quirks and abilities better than ASV of that system. So why they let CAT go so far out of bounce I can only guess (probably $$$).

    CAT's grafting of the ASV undercarriage to their machine has an even smaller "zone". Due to excess weight, mounting issues, and weight distribution problems.

    ASV marketed their machine as a niche machine which is what it is. CAT marketed the MTL as a replacement for a CTL which it is not.

    CAT learned quickly that it stepped right off the cliff with the MTL. Example would be building wheeled skid steers that were purpose built to handle the VTS tracks and use those machines in their own rental fleets, why? because the costs to run their own MTL's were, well, insane even for CAT and some years later "forgetting" their own marketing hype and finally conceding the issue and building their own CTL. The resale of an MTL should be a evidence enough of the issues that this machine is known for. Doubters? Check Iron Planet which is the dumping ground for CAT. See what they they actually sell for, compare projected purchase price and divide by the hours. You will have a rough number on the asskicking somone took on the machine. I have seen some machines with nearly a $50 an hour cost of ownership just in depreciation.

    In my opinion the MTL is only "decent" for a select number of customers, thats obvious by the introduction of their own CTL. I think CAT should be fortunate that many of the first owners of the MTL's didnt band together and file a class action lawsuit against CAT (who knows maybe some did). The machines were clearly oversold and many customers mislead as to the suitability of the machine in tough ground conditions.

    Local CAT dealer when I demoed a 279 would not even allow me to consider an MTL (not that I needed his protection). Here they will sell those to landscapers only. Every one else was speced a VTS or recently a CTL. This is a high desert environment (read dry and rocky) so life even for a CTL is tough.

    If you want a true Multi Terrain Loader buy a CTL.
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    I tell you what, just reading this thread and the cost to maintain a tracked SS makes me realize I never want to own one.....

    My mini skid with 150.00 rollers and 400.00 set for tracks are fine with me.

  10. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    your not reading very closly then.

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