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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by scorpian5, Apr 1, 2010.

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    I would suggest getting a simpler machine with the least amount of electronics as possible. Production rates probably will be inconsequntial so durability will be the key selling point. I would go wheeled with 2 speed.
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    You hear this as a popular answer and I would reply that it can be the "best", but to me productivity is what makes one machine or another the "best". Being its paid for matters not or actually costs you money if its not productive. The purpose of ownership of a skid steer is to accomplish work and hopefully make a profit doing whatever it is that you do. While having one paid for is nice (and I am almost there on mine) its not a requirement for being the "best". Considering that the interest is tax deductible and if you catch the right deal you may have a no interest loan, having it paid off may not be the best use of money. Case in point both of my skid steers were purchased on 1% loan rate OEM financing. It is not worth it to me to pay them off when I can run on their money for such a small cost. This keeps cash on hand which is most often better than having it tied up in nonliquid assests. IMHO
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    There are no local Cat dealers but there are a few a little ways away. The NH, Case and Bobcat dealers are all local. It seems alot of the machines recommended are bigger than i need. If i go new it will have to be in the 20-25k range.
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    There are several machines that can, when properly configured put an aweful lot of capacity in a small package. I will mention the 440 again because I am most familiar with it. It can be had as narrow as 63" at the wheels. It can has about 83 hp with 264 ft/pounds in the older ones or 288 foot/pounds in the newest models. Great breakout, aux. flow ect. all in a machine dimensionally very close to a typical 1500 pound ROC machine. It will be heavier than a 1500 ROC machine but dimensional close. Other than a small increase in fuel useage over a smaller machine, no reason not to get as much machine as possible.
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    you mentioned in your first post one of the needs for the machine will be to be able to pick up 1500 lb. bales. this means you will be needing at least a medium sized machine. if you do this often it may make sense to get a larger so that your not running at max capacity most of the time. if picking up round bales i would seriously consider a machine with a cab. that bale will be awfully close whe lifting and would shed a bit into the cab with you otherwise. do you like moving bales with a skid better than a tractor?
    good luck,
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    the company i work for got a 257 when they first came out and at one point like i said we had 3 257's,1 cat 262 and 2 1845s not to mention we demoed every track machine out there . but we are an excavating company not a landscaper. i do lawns on the side. now my opinion is the cat will out work any other out there.. the best thing bout a cat is they have less ground pressure and can grade mud or even fresh grass with less rutting then tak,case,deere.not to mention they ride alot smoother dont rattle your teeth out. but then again this is only an opinion i have since we run them everyday and the case machines sit. i do plow snow for a diff guy and run a case 440 for them.. i know everyone has there fav so to simply put the best for everyone is unreal. just an opinion
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    No one is taking away your opinion. Only to say that the 257 is very weak. It is overweight, underpowered with poor breakout. If this machine can out produce everything else you have run then you must have got some special 257 that no one else got. They do ride nice, but they also expensive to maintain. As far as the CASE machines sitting, they are at a min. of 6 years older than the other peces of equipment you listed and possibly much older. They certainly are not as nice to run as a newer machine. However the average 1845C's are likely worth more in resale than an average 257.
  8. Digdeep

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    A good low hour Bobcat S220 would be a good choice. Great hp for their weight and the ROC is very respectable. IMHO it is one of the best skid steers Bobcat has ever built.
  9. Nel-Martin

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    like said least amount of electronics , plus wheeled with 2 spd ,

    for me i would go with the 5640 gehl , nice machine , moves quick an lots of power plenty for farm use id say awesome machine
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    Thanks :laugh: now I have coffee spit all over my keyboard...

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