Best Small Push MOWER?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Ole JIM, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Ole JIM

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    I am Tired of Buying small Push Mowers!--so I*LL Ask? what MAKE? & MODEL? small PUSH Mower is the BEST? & I don*t Care for the Fancy Extras--just Want to CUT Heavy GRASS--& Not Bag It!--I*D like One that STARTS w/ Out my Pull ARM being 6 inches Longer than When I first Tried to Start IT!--& One that Don*t Leak Oil all over the Place! You know!--One YOU start & USE!--& Clean & Put Away! & its Ready to GO!--the next Time You need IT!--One the Plastic Wheels don*t Fall OFF--the Handel don*t Crack or Bend & It Runs & Cuts GRASS All Summer LONG!--SO to All YOU PROS!--I have ASKED?--& THANKS in Advance!-- Heres the SCOOP--I*M a Retiee & last FALL started taking Care of Homes being SOLD--that have Neglected Yards!--My JOB is Cutting Tall GRASS--& Sprucing UP these Yards--Racking & Trimming Shurbry--& filling In small Bad Spots--Nothing SERIOUS!--just Simple Stuff!--but--Enough on the Every Day Cheap MOWERS--as I went hrough Three last FALL!--So YOU PROS Please Advise!--OLe JIM--
  2. Travis Followell

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    Toro, Honda, and Lawn Boy all make some very good push mowers.
  3. Mr. Burns

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    I would try to get the most power and a mower known for great mulching. Which brings me to a Toro Super Recycler or a Snapper with Ninja mulch blades. The Toro has a 5 year warrenty and the Snapper has a 4 year warrenty. So if anything goes wrong you are covered!! I use a Honda, but will replace it soon with a Snapper. The Honda is 12 + years old and has ALWAYS started on the first pull 85% of the time and definately by the second pull the rest of the time. Hondas are great mowers, but for me Snapper offers more for the money!
  4. lawnandplow42

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    Ariens are good.
  5. SOMM

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    Forget the brand names, we've owned them ALL in the propelled versions. And they are great for being propelled -but they're too danged heavy (100+ lbs) for being pushes up hillsides.

    We've tried hard to destroy our $160 WalMart (48 lb), side discharge MTD big-wheel pushes w/ 4hp B&S. But they keep lasting for 3 seasons, and they'll do the same for you:

    IF ...YOU secure your mower's handles and wheels while in transit, and don't just let them roll and bang around with every inertia;

    IF... YOU change out your 10-W-30 oil with NO MORE THAN 20 oz (or strict recommended amount) of new 10-W-30 Quaker 4x4 part-synthetic oil at least once every other month (why would you want the oil to smoke and LEAK out your exhaust when it's OVERFILLED?);

    IF ...YOU quit cutting ...when lawns are dry, crunchy, kick up clouds of DUST that gets SUCKED into sandblasting your air filter & carb assembly to where you need new air filters and carb/choke cleaner.
    IF ...YOU need to cut when it's like that - get ready to brush off your air filters alot or TO BUY NEW air filters at least once or twice a year!
    Learn to CUT as much as you can AFTER IT RAINS when the season is hot enough to dry everything to dust -Like us PRO's do;

    Your pull-start will be alot smoother:
    IF ...YOU wirebrush /change-out your spark plug 2-3 times a year and (remove spark plug wire when) keep the UNDERSIDE of the DECK clean, and follow the the above REGULAR EQUIPMENT MAINTENENCE....

    ..."nayuh, nayuh - old fella sez"!

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