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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Allen's LS, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Allen's LS

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    I am new in the business and am starting to look at software. I am not the most computer literate person so I am looking for advice. My question is. What do most LCO's use for software and what kind of computer systems do they have? Also how much should it take to get a computer system and the LCO software? Any help would be appreciated. :help:
  2. wagner17

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    This has been discussed several times, but here is a list of the software that most people prefer:
    Groundskeeper Pro
    Lawn Monkey
    Real Green

    Check those out. The programs can range anywhere from $200-$2500+ depending on what you need to use it for. Most people use Gopher or Quickbooks. Some of the larger LCO's may use CLIP. I have demoed Gopher and like it, but I already have Quickbooks and will stay with that for the time being.

    As far as the computer system, that is a loaded question. You can get decent systems for about $400 now, but a good system will still cost you over $1000. I prefer to build my own system. I can build a system for about $350 and it will be top of the line (at least for a month). :p All told, I would put less money into the computer and software and more into my actual equipment.
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    Hi Allen's LS,

    Thank you wagner17 for thinking of us. Our website is . Wagner's link didn't include the software part.
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    I demoed Gopher, and can't say enough great things about it. Once you get it set up, all that you have to do is come home from your jobs and click a couple buttons and boom at the end of the month everything is done for you. It even will tell you how to route your jobs and print bid sheets that are very professional. I could go on and on about gopher, I must say that because I am still small enough to not need it yet, I have not purchased it. I hope that next year I will have it though. THanks Gopher to all of the work that you put into developing our members and our industry. You are trully a great client oriented business.
  5. billc

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    I use CLIP with QuickBooks. One of the main benefits of CLIP (not sure which other programs might also do this) is CLIP's ability to tell you how much you make per hour per client, if you keep track of how long jobs take. As I look to next season, I have a clear idea which customers' prices to raise, and which to keep the same.

    As for the expense of software, programs allow you to calculate late fees on overdue bills. I have heard of several CLIP users who paid for the program with the late fees they started collecting with the help of the program.
  6. walker-talker

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    Lawn Monkey will do a lot of job costing and such, but only expiermented with it. Once you come up with a figure of what each individual equipment cost and the time each is spent on property, you can put this in the program with the recorded times on each property.
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    Thanks everyone for your help. It is great that there is this kind of help out there. It makes me feel more confident that I can get this business off the ground. I just applied for my Insurance and Bond. Still not sure what software I am going with yet. Gopher seems to be probably what I am looking for. Hopefully I can get the computer for x-mas. Still researching it though.
  8. Smithers

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    can gopher do any calculations as far as prifitable customers, time spend per client, etc?

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