Best sprayer configuration?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by munzzzzzzz, Aug 8, 2008.

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    I am looking at building a sprayer to hang on the 3pt hitch of my JD425 garden tractor. This will be for use on my own property only. I have some questions about the best way to set up the spray tips.

    First, how would you recommend setting up the spray width. I'm debating if I should set up the spray width so that it is only as wide as my tractor (50") or so that it is a little wider and overhangs a bit (say 80", 15 on each side). The thinking is that if it is the exact same width as the tractor, it should make it easier to get uniform coverage (I can just follow the tracks I leave from mowing) and I wouldn't have to worry as much going around flower beds and stuff, but that would make it more difficult when going around trees and such, as if I had to turn to get around the tree, the area right by the tree wouldn't get covered as well. With a wider spray, I would be able to be 10" away from the obstacle and still get coverage around it, but I would also be over-applying more often on the other side of the boom.

    Next, it looks like most of the commercial ride-on units have the sprayers up front. I would guess this would make it a lot easier to see what you're doing. I need to have my tank and pump mounted on the 3pt hitch, but I could in theory put the boom out front. This would give me more control over what I am spraying, but also means I would possibly be inhaling more chemicals (?) and would also be driving over the area I just sprayed, which I would think would decrease the effectiveness. Is it worth it to try to move the boom up front, or should I just keep it as part of the 3pt setup?

    Finally, does anyone have a preference on the type of tips used? I see that Permagreen uses Spraying Systems Turbo Floodjet for broadcast and Hypro Ultra low drift for trim, Z-Spray is using Hypro Ceramic A.I. tips, and the JRCO unit uses Spraying Systems Turbo Teejet tips. All perform differently. Given that I have my choice of tips here, can anyone with experience recommend one particular tip to use? I want to stick with one type of tip as opposed to one type for trim and one for broadcast.
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    Any size boom will work. Depending on the size of your is safe to say wider the better.

    As far as boom, I would definitly mount on the back of the sprayer and set up the tips on 20" centers with AI 110 degree tips.

    Also would recommend using a diaphram nozzle body.

    If you want great service and VERY good prices call Agrimart (located somewhere in KY) They are on the web also.

    I built my own 3-pt sprayer about 5 years ago and love to use it. If you have a big lawn and a little extra money to blow...a foam marker sure is the berries.
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    I built a 3pt hitch for a Fimco boomless ATV sprayer a few years ago for my JD 425 AWS that I had. It worked great! Still had to trim around trees and such with the hand boom, but I felt more comfortable that way. I have trimmed around landscaping running in reverse in order to watch the spray pattern and see the edge. It works ok, just have to be aware of where the front of the tractor is going while backing. I could get you some pics if you would like? By the way, the spray tips are on the back.
  4. munzzzzzzz

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    Yes, I would appreciate any pictures you could provide.
  5. Laner

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    Here are some pics of my 3pt sprayer for my JD X485/X724. Works great on most any size property. The shop that built the mount came up with the integrated stand/legs. The 2 side legs are actually secured with a rubber strap between them that allows the legs to be pulled out and rotated up when mounted on 3pt hitch. The rear leg just has a pin that can be pulled and slide the leg up and reinstall the pin.






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