Best Sprinkler Controller Under $100

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by thomas1215, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. thomas1215

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    from SLC, UT
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    Please excuse my ignorance as it will become obvious from my question. I am not in the irrigation business, but I recently was daring enough to develop and install a 7-zone home sprinkler system-with the exception of the timer. I realize that many, if not all of you, install or use controllers well beyond my budgeted price range, but I hoping I could solicit your professional opinion on an efficient and cost-effective controller within my specified spending limit. If possible, I wish to buy a timer that will incorporate and allow scheduling flexibility for 3 drip zones (trees, garden, and flower/shrub bed), in addition to the 4 regular lawn sprinkler zones. Any advice or recommendations you may have, and are willing to divulge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help.
  2. Grassmechanic

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    check on ebay................................
  3. thomas1215

    thomas1215 LawnSite Member
    from SLC, UT
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    Thanks for your post Grassmechanic. My question may have misleading...I'm seeking information on the types of timers availble, not neccesarily on where to find them. Again, thanks for your post
  4. pilotcoplawnboy

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    I just installed a Rainbird irrigation system and use there I406-6 station controller. They also have an 8 station controller that would be good for your system. Goodluck!
  5. HBFOXJr

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    Hunter Pro-C with modules as needed. It will be a little more than a hundred but worth every penny.
  6. KCON1

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    none of the models I use come in under $100 whether it be a Nelson , or Rainbird unit, but However Lowes sells some of the lower end rainbird units in your price range. and there is nothing really wrong with these units as far as I can tell they just Don't have all of the features of the high end units.
  7. JimLewis

    JimLewis LawnSite Fanatic
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    The Rainbird ESP Controllers are the simplest to use on the market. They are also one of the most reliable in my experience. And they're versatile.

    The newer ESP mi (modular) controllers are even more versatile. They have the capability to do 3 different programs up to 4 times per day on each program. They're a breeze to install and you can have up to like 13 valves on one controller.

    I can get most of the Rainbird ESP controllers for under $100. An ESP 4 si usually costs us around $50 or $60. A ESP 6si is around $70 and a ESP 8si is around $80 or $90. A ESP mi (which I recommend above the rest) costs us $70. That comes with 1 module, which allows up to 4 zones. For $23 more, you can get a second module that allows another 4 zones. That's still under $100.

    Best dang controllers on the market for residential use in my opinion.
  8. SprinklerGuy

    SprinklerGuy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hardie Raindial 6 station is $82.50 at my supplier.

    Best timer on the market in my humble honest opinion. :)
  9. DanaMac

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    I prefer the Rainbird ESP as well. The modular is great.
  10. captken

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    just recieved a single station battery operated controller and solenoid.

    Seems good quality, cost 100 bucks....

    anyone familar with this company?

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