Best SSL for use with a Harley Rake?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by TEES, Apr 1, 2006.

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    First of all I have just joined the forum, what an excellent resource. I am just about to get back into business, Used to own a contracting firm and then moved into the police service. Now it is time for me to return to my true love of driving earthmoving gear, not to mention the benefits of being my own boss again and not having to deal with the politics that go with the job.

    Down to my question. I am in Queensland Australia and the Harley rakes really have not made it into this market yet. I am hoping to capitalise on that and target building site clean up, fire break management and dirt road rehabilitation work with it. Accordingly I am expecting that 80-90% of my work will be with the Harley. Now to the difficult part, from the collectives experience which would be the best machine / most suited machine for this type of work. As this is a new venture I am looking at buying a second hand machine for the first year or so and working it part time whilst I am still with the Police prior to going full time and buying a new machine. We have a limited choice over here mainly, Case, NH, Toyota, Cat, Thomas, Bobcat. Not having used a Harley before I am not sure on what key points I should be looking for I have narrowed the choice down to the following based on these assumptions.

    Thomas - Cheap over here, $30 000buys me a near new machine with 500Hrs and 4 years warranty, Not sure about resale(think it might be very hard to get rid of) also very short wheel base(shortest of all I think)

    New Holland - Long wheel base, stable, good on hills, rear weights might help.

    Toyota - Very good reliability, and everyone uses them here

    Bobcat - also can be a little pricey - $33000 - $36000 for a 1800 - 2500 hr machine(753/763) Short wheel base and narrow may not be stable enough.

    Cat - Just too expensive $40000 for a machine with 1500Hrs

    Case - Same as Cat just a little bit cheaper

    Any thoughts, I am seriously tending towards the NH as I can pick up an LS170 with 1200Hrs for $30000

    Will vertical lift be a hinderance to harley work?

    All input would be appreciated


  2. AWJ Services

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    The Harley rake works best with a very stable machine.I mean one that does not react to small dips in the terrain.
    A tracked machine is best.
    A tractor is second.
    A long wheel based machine is third.

    The 700 series Bobcats are worthless.
    My Kubota Tractor will out dig it.

    Thomas makes a good machine but once again wheelbase is important.
    The Ls170 is not long enough.

    I really would recommend a good tractor and a T-6 rake.
  3. Squizzy246B

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    Gareth, I have the Cat 248B and its a great machine. The pilot controls would be an advantage for you...However, I don't think you can go past the Toyota, rugged, reliable, no frills and capable. If you were loading trucks all day and using Hi-flow attachments then I'd say Cat. The toyota has reasonable support in this country which is not what can be said for Bobcat.

    We are yet to see a NH put in the hours over here without wearing out prematurely. I'd also say that Mustang has a machine that may suit.

    I'm starting to see more Thomas machines around but haven't spoken to any of the guys that operate them bar one who has the mini...and he was having a bad parts support for the Kubota engine...he got the parts but very expensive. Try Cat used and look at finance from Cat, better than banks

    Welcome to the forum.
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    I'm going to have to disagree, our Cat 216, basically the same size as a 700 series Bobcat, performs very well with a Harley Rake. As for outdigging, bring it on, tractors don't stand a chance.
  5. AWJ Services

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    That would be interesting.
    The 743 I had would not out dig my Kubota.

    Besides with my tractor I can have 2 attachments on at once.:weightlifter:
  6. Scag48

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    A 743 is hardly a representation of the skid steers of today. If we were comparing a 15 year old tractor to a 743 (around the same age), the 743 would still probably prevail. I agree, it's nice to have 2 attachments on at once, but that's what quick couplers are for!
  7. Digdeep

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    I have a Harley Rake that I use on my ASV RC50. It's an attachment that I wouldn't be without! I also own an S220 and the results with the ASV are far superior compared to my skid. I have heard that ASV does have dealers in Australia, but I don't know how close one of them is to you. However, it would be worth looking into.
  8. Squizzy246B

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    The Australian Distributor for ASV is in Banana Bender country.

    The point being here is that a tracked machine should produce better results, than a wheeled machine, with the Harley
  9. Digdeep

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    You gotta help this poor uncultured sould with your terminology. Just what is "Bananna Bender Country"?;)
  10. Squizzy246B

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    :) TEES is from Queensland...where they put the bends in the bananas:) and maybe having a lot to do with the fact they grow lots of bananas there.

    We also call Queenslanders Cane Toads for reasons of insidious introduced amphibians.

    Its sometimes said in Australia there is only three states to be in ...West Australia, Queenslands and Inebriation.

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