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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Huff11, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. mag360

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    New Gravely Pro Stance sticks like glue - the old ones were horrible on hills though
  2. jbell36

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    lot of good posts here…one thing i want to say, is make sure we are comparing apples to apples…first, the OLD gravely pro stance was the same mower as the old john deere quiktrak, both sucked major balls, especially on hills…the new ones look awesome and seem to have good reviews, i have yet to try it tho…so make sure there is no mix up there, completely different machines depending on the year

    yes, wright makes the mowers for JD…can't argue with those, wright has the best track record out of anyone hands down, they also have over a decade more of R&D…i will say i don't know why they are coming out with a new model about every two years now, that's just aggravating, pick a model and stick with it and have the dealer stock THOSE parts…

    service is key…for me that's JD hands down

    i have owned toro, exmark, and john deere/wright standers…in my opinion the toro is the best overall, then JD, then exmark…toro was the best on hills, i could climb any hill with that thing, there isn't a ztr out there that could touch it…i have also owned a grasshopper, and going up hill backwards was the most impressive machine i've ever seen, but that's beside the point
  3. aaronmg

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    If your wanting to compare apples to apples in standers then you have to compare the gravely vs scag vs exmark. Comparing apples to oranges is any stand-on vs the toro grandstand. I cannot, and will not, ever understand why they put the controls where the operater would be standing on the deck to turn the machine on/off....
  4. benplow

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    Yes, I find this to be very accurate. And trying to turn or maneuver around any obstacle will cause traction loss at rear. This is based of my test drive on a 2016 pro stance on a decent hillside. I'm sure this would be true with most any machine but the gravely was the least responsive in this condition over the scag v-ride in my opinion.

    The v-ride is very quick and responsive vs the gravely. But the gravely is a more comfortable ride for a 225lb fella such as myself.
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  5. Merkava_4

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    You can watch the Scag V-Ride in action at Lanier Lawn Care on YouTube.
  6. River

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    V ride. it's got the deck power and stability. I ran a buddys for a few days and loved it
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  7. Mr Stripe

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    If you have any lower back issues you'll greatly appreciate a stander or WB over a ztr. I won't operate a ztr, they irritate my Sciatica too bad, plus 2 summers ago I flipped & rolled truck & trailer, broken neck in three places. Lol yea I know, I got all sorts a problems. Standers seem to irritate my neck less because I can flex my knees. My vote is for the V-Ride,, always.
  8. ch4x0r

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    Check out the ferris Srs z2, I demoed most all of the standers, and it's was my definite choice by far. And hills.. Just YouTube Srs z2 on hills and watch the video, it sticks..... Good luck
  9. K c m

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    Where did you get this information from? I switched from Exmark to john deere in 2014 because the Exmark vantage was too expensive. Demoed a scag v ride and and a john deer quiktrak. Neither one of them had any issues from my experience with hills, even in the morning dew. The only issue on a hill i ran into was going and say a fence was at the bottom. It wouldn't back up well on steam inclines. Problem solved pull it out 3 or 4 feet with the trimmer at the bottom to make the turn sooner. Other then that after that leaning experience never any issues with hills, slopes, or swails.

    Just my two.
  10. grassmonkey0311

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    I feel your pain. In 2006 I was blown up by an IED in Iraq. I was driving a Humvee and hit it. While my body parts are still here, I have a messed up neck. When riding a ZTR, obviously you have to turn your head a lot, which really irritated my neck. Since switching to a stander, it's been so much better on my back and neck.

    The v-rides are awesome, my only issue is the plate to stand on. On the 36" models, the plate is pretty small. The 52" models the plates are big and comfortable.

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