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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AlpineNaturescapes, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. AlpineNaturescapes

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    Ok, I'm not saying I have the best sulky, but I'm looking for it. I have a '94 Velke on my 50", but when I mulch with it - esp in the spring- the grass builds up inside it till the wheel won't turn. The front of the wheel well needs more space than the back. To get rid of this problem I thought a two wheel sulky would be great, but the one I got with my 36" doesn't really allow for tight turns. I know there is a two wheeler with gimbel wheels, but it is even wider, and will hit all kinds of stuff behind a 36" mower during turns - like curbing etc. Who has a way out of this for me? - And Wright Stander guys - don't sell me one. I need something to trim 45 degree slopes - how steep can you ride on your slopes?
  2. Roger

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    Look at the Bull Rider. It can work in castering mode behind your large mower. I've posted some of my experiences on LS -- use search with "Bull Rider" with my name as author. I had the same problem sometimes in the Spring with my one-wheeled Velke -- packed wet grass inside the fender. The Bull Rider wouldn't do that.
  3. Itsgottobegreen

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    Get a 2 wheel velke, they turn just as tight as the single wheel.

    I will try to sell anyone a stander. I have taken my standers to 42 degrees without a problem. You just have to lower the tire pressure on the rears to 8 psi and it will climb anything.
  4. Spirit Lanwcare

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    Try the Proslide.

    They work very well and put a nice stripe down on the lawn! This is the only sulky that Deere approves for use on their machines for safety reasons.
  5. Rhett

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    Love the Proslide but hate paying the 40 bucks for a new wear plate every third month. Put a new one one the 48 the beginning of this season and it is shot already.( two monthes) Do not run it on pavemet or any hard surfaces.
  6. LawnSite Senior Member
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    I know I'll go do a search but will the proslide support my 240lb frame? My sister mows for me as well but at 120 I don't think she's the problem lol. I'd be interested in putting one on my new TTHP 48/19
  7. TClawn

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    where can I get a proslide? my john deere dealer won't order it. so I'm limited to internet sites.
  8. Lawn-N-Garden Guy

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    I too have a bull rider and I think it works Wonderful with my EX Mark Turf Tracer Hydro
  9. The C Man

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    from Ohio
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    Since the Proslide sits on the ground it would support you even if you weighed 600 lbs. The question is, will your mower pull you comfortably once you're on it.
  10. Rhett

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    I am 240 so that will not be a problem. You can find a dealer from the Novea web page.

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