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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by xtreem3d, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. xtreem3d

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    Hey guys,
    looking for some real world opinions on TTF. I have been using Jaguar 3 for a number of years and have never found anything better. Now I'll be using J4 and what i want to know is have you guys found anything better than Jaguar?
    zone 5/6, commercial prop with no irrigation or watering. This is the prop i have been using J3 on. I am asking because some of my golf course supers are getting different varities for as low as $35.00 per 50lb > I will need about 2000lb to overseed and was hoping to cut my costs but not sacrafice turf durability. The best i can find is $60.00 per 50 lb
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    I was going to suggest Crossfire 3. Newly introduced (2008). Very high ratings and high disease resistance.
    Get your salesman hat on and show the brochure and technical data to the customer. Explain the advantages and convince him you are the best company, partly because you use the best seed. Convince him to pay a bit extra for it. The labor required to put in crappy seed is just the same--get him to go with the good stuff.
  3. xtreem3d

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    Thanks for the tip . I will look into it on Monday. Specs looked good except only a 5.3 rating for Brown patch
  4. kennc38

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    I personally like a blend of fescue types rather than just using one. I've been using Lesco's transition blend and have experienced very good results. I've cross-checked the seed types with our state's ag. dept. and they all have received high ratings. Good luck to you.
  5. jbell36

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    was brown patch a big issue for you guys too last year?
  6. xtreem3d

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    Yes it was

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