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    I just got a welder and I lover its its a Mig whats the best thing some of you guys made or done with your welder. I want to make a velky
  2. I made the frame for this and other verious items.


    What kind ans size did you get?
  3. I'm not much of a welder, but I have a lot of fun with my mini mig.

    Here's my walk behind I've "improved" LOL

    1 I've made a pair of double blade brackets
    2 Fabricated a permanent muffler from 1/4" steel plate.
    3 Cut off and rounded the left front corner of the deck.
    4 Fabricated an "Accelerator" type of mount on the discharge of the mower, and modified the old discharge chute and built a discharge blocking plate with the "Accelerator" type mounts.
    5 Fabricated a "Toro" style leaf mulching attachment that bolts under the deck.

    On the bigger mowers I tend to stick to more conventional repairs. So this little walk behind falls victim to my "creativity" LOL


    byers gold 36 wb.jpg
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    I consider this wrecker attachment for my truck to the one of the best things I've fabbed, because it's been so useful.

    Since I also use the truck on occasion to pull a fifth wheel trailer, the wrecker had to be removable. I also wanted to be able to carry it on board when it was disassembled.

    The winch is mounted just behind the cab, out of the way of the trailer. The wrecker components can be taken apart and stowed away in just a few minutes.

    Since a friend and I are "into" building trucks, this device is super handy for use around the shop. Easy to move a truck in & out whether it runs or not, also anything you can hook and pick is easy to move - my plow for example.

    In this case, another friend's trailer came off second best in the recent deer/truck encounter and the hitch was wrecked. By slinging it with the wrecker it was a cinch to haul it home for repairs.

    wrecker attachment (with trailer).jpg
  5. 75

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    A closer view of the unit itself.

    The pole is a length of heavy (schedule 80) pipe, the collar is attached to a 2" solid bar upright that comes up off the 2" solid bar hitch attachment. Another collar secures the base of the pipe.
    Head sheave drops into the top of the pipe and is free to swivel.

    The A-frame is 2x2x.250 HSS and pins onto brackets on the rear of the truck - across the width of the frame is a piece of 3/8" plate that the brackets are mounted on. The A-frame pivots at both ends so it can steer when cornering. When not in use, the brackets with L-shaped pin on the pole secure the A-frame out of the way.

    The open area visible at the rear of the truck is where everything stows away when not needed, except the head sheave - it drops into a hole beside the winch.

    Instead of the hook-attached-with-cable-clips that comes with the winch, I use a 3/8" wedge socket on the end of the winch cable. This makes it easy to rig up a 2-part line: Just pull a pin, remove the hook and pin the wedge socket to the plate on the pole. There is also a shackle attached just above the pintle hook to give me another hook-up point if needed.

    wrecker closeup (with trailer).jpg
  6. 75

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    Yes I did it, no I don't advise it! But it does prove it's durable. (2-part line was needed to pick this one)

    You can also see in this photo, the fifth wheel in place. What was I doing with this truck? I kept the cab & front clip off it, with plans to someday repair them and install on a newer frame/running gear. The cab & parts are in the shop, but the cab is pretty rough. May not tackle that project, but for now I'm hoarding 'em!

    wrecker with 5-ton.jpg
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    Hey Rob is that a electric or hydraulic winch??

    BTW, Rob that C~30 looks a little nose high in the last pic:D :D
  8. 75

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    You're right about the "nose-high", never did figure out what was causing that problem. Eventually went away......................... ;)

    Electric winch, I'm using a Warn M12000. Here's a pic to give you an idea of the installation: 1/2" plate across the frame, 3/8" plate for the winch mount and triangular gussets. You can see the hole in the 1/2" plate (just in front of the winch motor) that the head sheave stows in when the wrecker is "disassembled"

    headache rack.jpg
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    Not much but here is a little weld job I did. Actually it is the first thing I have welded. I have seen other spool holders on the web for around $50.00 but this one took about a half hour to lay out , weld and assemble. Materials were less than $10 bucks.

    It uses compression springs to keep pressure on the spool and prevents it from un winding. The spring at the bottom allows you to wrap the line around it once an it will hol the end of the line untill you need to un roll more.

    I know it is kiddie welding but I have to start somewhere and I needed a spool holder. My next project is a cooler rack. Then maybe a trimmer rack for the mower so I can take it with me across a large property. What are your thoughts on this idea? Any tips or design ideas would be appreciated.

    line holder 3.jpg
  10. thfireman

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    Another angle!:) Sorry about the dark photo!

    line holder 1.jpg

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