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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cutbetterthanyou, May 22, 2007.

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    I have never done door hanfers before. I wanted to try something besides just letting word of mouth do its thing. I was targeting some of the new devolpments in town. The main reason is, I think the sucess rate will be higher on the new houses than existing one. My question is on new places like these when is the best time? Half the devolpment has finshed houses, 2 of which had cars in the driveways, but the otheir half don't even have doors yet. Is it to early, or put them on now, and the othiers later? I just don't want to get the same people twice if i do it now? What do you guys think? Are they worth even doing at all?
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    dont try to 2nd guess the public and the market. diffrent types of advertising works in diffrent areas. I have found that when someone moves into a NEW house they have a ton of issues, and grass mowing is NOT high on that list.. " most of them" as you know door hangers have a return rate of 2 to 3 %. you would be better off trying to meet these people let them know THIS IS YOUR TURFF, and you would be happy to provide them with service.
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    I would go through every other week.

    Week 1 put out hangers on all newly occupied homes.

    Next time through get all new plus the ones you did last time.

    Third time get all new plus the last two trips.

    Fourth and each going forward get all new plus the last two rounds you did.

    Also, get yourself a website and make sure it is fully optimized for geographical searches...include the areas that you WANT to work.
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    By putting them on the peoples doors over and over don't that piss them off? It would if it was my door an i didn't want the service
  5. Bill S

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    Will it piss them off? Probably not, if someone calls, apologize and promise you won't drop off again.

    Now onto another note, if you go by the first time they may not be ready for the third time, they will likely be ready and may be more apt to call. Any time you do mailings, etc they say you need to get your piece in front of the prospect 3 times...

    To me, hangers are a waste, though I did do some for holiday lighting. Got 5 to 10 calls and didn't land any jobs.

    I still think website is the best way to go. After a website, word of mouth. Ask your clients if they have friends in the 'hood that may be interested in your services...offer your clients a little something to "work for you" in getting you the leads. Free cuts go over well. Community newspapers are ok if you get in at the right time.... Probably on the same level as hangers and then direct mailing.
  6. Grits

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    If it were to anger someone, it would be someone that does not want your service. Who cares if they get mad?

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