Best time of year to relocate fish

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Az Gardener, Jan 12, 2006.

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    Wow, you guys are real good at this...

    I recently had to move my KOI much further than to an edge of the yard so that I could clean the pond. I was lucky at the time though, as I found a man of japanese decent who was actually a worker on a JAPANESE Koi farm in his younger years. He had moved to the USA about 10 years ago, and is running a small Water Garden shop in Va.

    He was of immense help, and well my problem was that my job had just decided I needed relocation from the Va. Area to the Chicago area.

    We had several Koi (varying colors/sizes/ and lineage) that we truly did not want to leave at our old home. Besides the people there, did not like the water gardens in the yard and intended to bury it.

    SO we discussed it, and Mr Aito said that it is a Mistaken belief that the Fish care about the temperature during a move. SO I asked about stress... and he said "that my son is the problem". He went on to say that IF you reduce the stress on them, then You can move them anywhere at any time of the year.

    So here is what we came up with... He stated that fish are their most stress free during the darkness... SO he thought I should try to put them in something covered. I used the Domed topped plastic Trash cans so that air would stay on the top of the water after bubbling up... The cans were kept closed (Dark) at most times except for sampling...

    He said, they additionally do not like big Temp CHANGES or Chemistry changes... so he recommended that I add a little water to the current pond water a few days early.... to allow it to all equalize... Then he told me to pump some of that water through a filter and into a garbage can... to use as the new "temp" home. This way there wouldn't be much stress from the environment.

    Then I caught the fish and placed them in the Round trash cans... and placed an air hose into the bottom. This air hose apparently is important if the fish are in a SMALL environment for longer periods of time, as it puts air in and rotates the water to move some of the "bad stuff" from the bottom where the fish will be.

    We moved 22 fish... and we had ZERO die.... They were split among 4 (domed) 33gal trash cans for 3 weeks... and NONE died...

    We had the added problem of KOI get SEA SICK (believe it or not)... they do not like to be swayed back and forth constantly... Since I was going to be driving them in a truck across country, this worried me. Mr. Aito laughed and said Use a Round trash can so that it dampens the sway of water... DUH!

    About the only thing I would say that I would worry about is that "IF" the temp of the water is in the 40's you may want to let it warm up just a little... My water was in 6the very low 50's and well Mr Aito said that was perfect, they would be dormant, but not stunned.

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    great info thanks

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