best time to bu a new ztr?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Vr6Mark, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Vr6Mark

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    The last new mower I purchassed was in 2003 and plan on buying a new ztr for 2014. Most dealers are offering 0% for 48 months till 12/31. Can I expect better deals after New years or Is that the best deal usually for pre-season? I Will be paying 75% cash and financing the rest.
  2. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    I can't imagine the deals being any better but why not take advantage of the 0%? If they are offering you 0% take advantage of it over the 4 years and you will have the money if something goes wrong.
  3. Jaybrown

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    Just never be late on a payment or you will pay interest from then on. My first month for toro 0% I received my statement after my first payment was due. So it wasn't in there and now I pay 29.9%
  4. johnnyb01

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    29.9%??? and you are still financed thru that? Why in the world wouldnt you go to a bank at the least and get it refinanced under 15%?
  5. kwwolfe

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    0% can be good if you don't have the cash on hand or want to use that cash to buy something else however there is a reason they offer it. Just like with cars, you pay sticker for it. I did out the numbers on a new car once. Turns out I would pay a fair bit less if I bought it outright. Now with a mower you might only be talking about a couple thousand dollars max. For that it might be worth having more money in your pocket.
  6. Southern grass

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    I don't no about other company's but kubota usaully offers 0 for 60 on there's after New Years up until around April or may it seems like exmark does it to but I'm not sure just keep watching there websites they will post it when they do
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  7. joemower

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    0% financing is always a great incentive to buy but you should also work on getting the dealer to discount the mower price too. We never pay sticker price for our equipment. If you have a good relationship with a dealer they are usually willing to work with you on the price. Also allot of times the manufacture will also offer additional discounts. If you can get the combination of the three that would be the best opportunity to buy. Also take advantage of the 0% and keep your cash. If you spend the cash now you may need it later and end having to use a credit card to cover something in an emergency. If you are worried about missing a payment just sign up for automatic withdraws. Good luck.
  8. puppypaws

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    How could you expect any better than 0% for 48 months, they will probably require 2% of the total price to get the 0%/48 deal but that could be worked out based on how bad the dealer wishes to sell.

    I've got one question, and this applies to anyone that wishes to answer. You claim you will be paying 75% of the total price in cash. Why would anyone want to use their money for a purchase when you are able to use someone elses money.

    If you are only taking the cash you are speaking of paying down (75%) and put it into a low interest acquiring position, say only paying you 1% per year to use your money. Would you not see it as being much smarter to let your money make you money while using someone elses to buy the mower.

    I have never understood why anyone able to buy at 0% would not prefer using someone elses money for their purchase. You set it up on automatic debit and never know you are making the payment.

    Can anyone give a reason as to why using someone elses money would be less advantageous than using your own money?
  9. weaver

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    I agree totally.. I would just make the monthly payment until the deal runs out & pay it off then. Keep the money in my pocket..
  10. Vr6Mark

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    Thanks guys for the insight from different angles of how I may be looking at this. I do agree it may be a better idea to keep more money in my pocket and just set up an auto pay on my debit card but I'm the type of person who likes to get things paid off as soon as possible and have his little debt as possible. My current machine is 48 inch Husqvarna walk behind that is 10 years old. It's in great shape has zero Rust and looks brand-new was very well maintained religiously, and has only about 750 hours on iit which means it will have a pretty high resale value in my opinion. I am interested in purchasing a husqvarna PT – Z to replace the smaller walk behind to increase my productivity. I work solo still but occasionally hire a helper when I have large projects for custumes. I need something more efficient to mow lawns with since my customer list is getting large. Thank you for all your help and insight guys!
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