best time to bu a new ztr?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Vr6Mark, Dec 12, 2013.

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    Now is the best time! Dealers trying to move inventory before end of year. Bought 2013 exmark lazer x demo with 147hrs and red tech and full warranty for about 3k less then retail. And a 2010 walker mtghs 26hp efi with grammer suspension seat and 407hrs for about half price of new one. and it still has warranty. You always get better deal if you pay cash instead of financing. It would make me depressed if we had a drought like 2012 and I was making payments every month on a machine im not using!
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    First off, I would really like the name and number of any lender (real business) who will give you $250k for a house with 0 credit. An if they do, at what interest rate?

    Second, if any business wants to grow quickly, they need to borrow capital. It is not a matter of 0% or not. Its a matter of whether or not your rate of return is greater than your borrowing costs. If I can buy two machines (of which I would not have the cash for) with a 5% interest rate on the money borrowed, but can grow my total net income by 10%, it makes sense to finance.

    Yes, there is always a risk to loosing business however we encounter those risks in every day life. Point being, financing has its place and its benefits. People who do not take advantage of this will eventually be left behind by more entrepreneurial individuals.
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    The zero percent has a good side and a bad. I'm 28 and only finance trucks and my property. (House on 12 acres and two rentals) there will be a finance fee I'm sure of 150-200 read the small print. Every mower I buy I have gotten cheaper or a trimmer for free with it talk to them work them. They are like car dealers they will make there money I promise no matter what they say. Never put your self in a position you can't sell some thing for more then you owe at least pay half and pay it off early.
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    You will find your answer here.

    But your still not getting the point.
    Priorities is the point. If you have a priority to own everything you can't afford and take a loan out on it then Debt is your priority.
    However if you want to own everything you have then you have to set your goals based on your budget and motivation.
    There are other ways to build credit without taking a loan out on vehicles, equipment, and such. Gas cards like Pacific Pride. Utilities such as Gas, Power, Electric, Water and sewer. All paid by check or Debit Card, Not Credit Card.
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    I totally understand. The only thing I don't agree with is the "not afford" part. By your logic, I can't afford my house. I didn't have $250k to buy it outright. However, with financing I can afford to own it and pay my monthly payment.

    I guess I just wanted to make the point that financing is not dooming a person to personal servitude. Massive fortune 500 companies are built on the foundation that holding a certain amount of debt is healthy.

    If risk is an issue, then make sure that your are incorporated or at least and LLC. This will shield you from loosing everything you have in the case that something should happen. You business assets would be at risk, but not you.

    OK, I'm off my soap box. Thanks all for letting me rant.
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    Never said buying a house on credit is bad. If you read back I said if it depreciates it is.
    Neither here nor there.
    Just trying to get those new guys to think ahead instead of piling up debt that will kill a business in a heartbeat. How many guys went out of business when the economy turned in 07/08? If they had no debt at the time do you think they would have went out of business? Yes a few but the majority not. Just my Opinion and you know what its worth.
  7. GMLC

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    Obviously you need to have some common sense. You dont take out loans if you can not afford them. On the other hand if you have the cash saved a 0% loan is a no brainer. Let someone else's money work for you while your cash is invested and making money. I have enough cash to pay off all my debts. But I use 0% financing and have my cash making money for me. All this is made possible by my high credit score.
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  8. sildoc

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    So tell me what you have your cash invested in that is liquid so if need be you can pay off everything you have a loan out on??? The bank at .005% interest?
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    This stock will let you do what you speak of, and I've had it since the early 90's. The dividend today is at 3.82%. This stock has held up through the worst of times. Look it over and tell me what you think.
  10. sildoc

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    Yes I know of plum creek, hold some in my simple IRA.
    But I am more of a Mutual Fund guy and spread my risk on my INVESTMENT, not my Capital. Capital is Liquid. You need it today not tomorrow.

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