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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by capetan, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Assuming you want new grass growth in the spring, is overseeding a good idea now in the fall (assuming its to late for any growth now), will the seed hold up over the winter, or should i wait till the beginning of march or so.........
    from viewing different post it looks like theres pros and cons to both
    the winter climate here is about 40 for the high and 20's for a low, precipitation wise theres generally a good mix, its never really overly dry in the winter
    all opinions and suggestions would helpful
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    The optimum time to seed in your area is probably Sept/Oct. If not done in that time frame, I would probably wait until spring. If you seed now it could be possible to have a week of mild temps which may cause the seed to germinate. Then it could turn cold again and the freezing temps might kill the young seedlings. On the other hand spring is not really the best time to seed because roots may not have enough time to get established before hot wheather arrives. Either way it sounds kind of ifeee doesn't it?
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    Great reply - and straight to the point.

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