Best time to overseed??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 25nbl, Sep 14, 2004.

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    I have been overseeding about 30 of my lawns for winter the past few years and have a few questions. I live in Texas...Is it good to scalp the lawn as low as possible? When is the best time to put the seed down for best results? Do you keep cutting it low for a few weeks or what's the best formula to get the grass looking good and staying nice and green? I have some lawns that will look awesome and others, they look good for a while, then look like crap and won't grow too much for a month or two, especially once it freezes.

    Thanks for the advice!!
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    Get info from local cooperative extension service in your area. In AZ we did it when temps were in low 90's durring the day so we didn't need mulch. We'd go as low as possible, pre-germinate the seed(ask if you don't know how this is done) and we'd dry it out spread it lay good water to it and then fertilize with a starter 15-15-15 blend or another starter with micros and Fe(Iron)after 1st cut. Usually this is last week of Sept. through October by Nov. gotta use mulch. To do it this early and hot also requires a fungicide because of pythium blight so get pre-treated seed with high germination rate.

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