Best time to trim shrubs?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by billsfanvt, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Can you trim shrubs at any point in the season? Or is it best to do it early in the year of late in the year. Also, what is the best method for trimming up a juniper?(you can trim a juniper, right). Also with trimming a spiria, do you have to wait for it to blosom first then cut it back or can you do it early in the spring and still have buds blosom. I know there are many questions in this one, but if anyone answers, would you please try to adress all these questions, I thankyou for your time and imput. :waving:
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    Well that depends on the juniper..they can be sheared or hand pruned with pruners.Spirea cut it back hard anytime is ok
  3. Coffeecraver

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    The best time for pruning the juniper is Jan-Feb-Mar-Nov-and Dec

    The Spirea if it is Spring Blooming should be pruned May-and June
    The Spring blooming types Bloom on last seasons growth-Pruning them now would sacrifice the blooms.

    The summer blooming type should be pruned Jan-Feb
    They bloom on new growth.
  4. AUHort1990

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    To prune junipers you must prune to a lateral shoot. They have no adventitious or suppressed buds so if you severly prune them, they will not come back out.

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