Best tools for mulching?


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Looking into stocking my tools for this upcoming season and was wondering what would work best for spreading mulch. Also wondering what time of the year most guys do their mulching. I usually only mulch on request but was wondering if theres anything better than a shovel/fork and wheelbarrel for the job.


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I use a square shovel and an employee to spread mulch. If it's a large area, I prefer to have the mulch blown in by a subcontracting company.

Save the employee's energy for some-thing else.
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Edging shovel sometimes, mainly use the gas bed edger that you pull behind. Does GREAT and saves A LOT of time... but does have its cons: Hidden sprinkler heads, dog fence, cable, outdoor lighting wire. But since I am always coming back every year to same accounts I know where everything is hiding. As far as spreading, hardly every kneel down and spread by hand like most do. I use a heavy duty metal tine leaf rake, works great smoothing everything out and picking up excess to transfer to another spot. Saves time and energy, plus my hands aren't stained black, or red at the end of the day.

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Wheel barrow, pitch fork, scoop shovel, hard rake are the best tools. Spring is the best time to spread mulch!
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