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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by redhornet, May 4, 2007.

  1. redhornet

    redhornet LawnSite Member
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    I am wondering what the best track loader is out there?I mean the tuffest,what goes the most hrs without a rebuild?

    our ct450 just recieved a $6000 repair after only 480hrs!! both drive motors,all idlers/sprockets etc,wiring shorted out all over and the headliner fell down,all due to the unbelievable ruff shaking ride of this machine,its short life was pushing snow in winter,and prep work for concrete in summer,mainly leveling gravel.
    my "competition" runs a tekuchi machine,and he is very ruff on his,mostly hired operators,and he is over 1000hrs without trouble.

    we have a 95xt with 8000hrs with less repairs than the ct450
  2. Fieldman12

    Fieldman12 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I hate to hear that about your machine. Usually Case makes very good machines. It was actually one of the machines I was going to consider if down the road I decide to go to a CTL. Deere makes a good machine, so as Gehl/Takeuchi, and Bobcat. Too early to know how the New Hollands are and I suspect since allot of the parts are the same as the Case you would have maybe the same issues. I would go with a good close dealer and parts service. Also I think resale would factor in.
  3. Fieldman12

    Fieldman12 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    How are the booms holding up? I was looking at one of there models (Vertical version) and it did not look near built as well as there older models.
  4. turboawd

    turboawd LawnSite Member
    from midwest
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    damn that sucks to hear the case is that your machine out of warranty?
    how did it perform when working? did it push strong?
    were any of the parts, that you replaced, updated?
  5. redhornet

    redhornet LawnSite Member
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    The ct450 is still under warrantee,its only 10 mnths old,the dealer is awsome,I should ask if there where any change ups.yes,it pushed strong.....maybe too strong? very disapointing to go from the xt machines that are as crude as coal,but last forever,to the ct wich is crude as coal,and dosnt last,the problem I see is that I'm not sure that there is a better track machine,but mabe a suspended one wouldnt shake the whole machine apart?dont know.
  6. ksss

    ksss LawnSite Fanatic
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    The 450 have sold very well in the Boise area with great results (so says the dealer). I was at the dealer there and they had many of those machines on hand. The only issue they reported was wearing on the back of the sproket case (don't know what that means). I have had good luck with my 400 series machines so far. I have 650 hours on the 440 and its 10 months old. At least your still in warranty. As long as your in warranty you can buy an extended warranty. You may want to consider that if you have a problem machine. I have heard that the push power of the 450 is unbelievable. I have yet to run one. The dealer here has been pushing the 440CT.
  7. ksss

    ksss LawnSite Fanatic
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    The ride on all solid track machines is jarring. The suspended machines are very comfortable downside is 6K will be a good start on a rebuild on one of those. I would question the dealer about any issues with this machine. This is the first I have heard of any problems with these tracked machines. Keep us updated I would like to hear more. There is no doubt that you should have gotten more hours out of the under carriage. I would like to know the reason for the short life. You are also correct in that the undercarriage is the same for NH. Although they are usually a lighter machine which may result in less stress on the track system.
  8. Dirt Digger2

    Dirt Digger2 LawnSite Silver Member
    from PA
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    cat 963C or old faithful Cat 955L...but as for a ctl i'm gonna go with takeuchi or i've heard good things about deere
  9. wanabe

    wanabe LawnSite Senior Member
    from So. IL
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    Deere is good but the boom sway is anoying!
  10. Digdeep

    Digdeep LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sorry to hear about the repair bill. I saw it time and time again on the Bobcat tracked machines that I sold. It is true that the rough ride does wear and tear on the machine. However, I don't think your high cost isn't a direct result of the rough ride, but primarily due to the other things such as track design and bogies. My experience selling the Bobcat showed that the rough ride was tough on motor mounts, pins and bushings, boom sway, and anything rigid mounted on the machine. I also don't think that $6,000.00 is just a start on the suspended machines. I run an RC50 and the tracks would cost me $4k retail, and if I had to replace EVERY SINGle wheel (@ $50-70 retail each) that would run me another $1,680 not counting 1- day of labor. I have almost 1,500 hours on my RC50 now and I still have the original tracks and I've changed 5 wheels. I'd say that it's been pretty low maintenance and the machine is a workhorse for being only 50hp. Not near the nightmare that everyone says about the suspended machines.

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