Best tractor/ZTR for slope

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by milchuck, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. stumper1620

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    Add one more thought to your decision process, be sure whatever you buy has full pressure lubrication, a engine on a slope will burn up if it slopes to far without pressure lube. A deere 737 handles hills great but, thats 8 grand.
  2. MowingInAZ

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    Just remember Chuck, it's opinions. My uncle mows 2 acres with a GT5000 and he has never had any trouble. I would get a new mower, insted of getting a new starter and having to buy a new mower 2 years from now cause the starter doesn't work!

    Craftsman mowers are solid built machines, but its just your personal taste that closes the deal. I would take a good long look at the Craftsman GT5000 and the John Deere LT series.
  3. milchuck

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    Thanks again....after some more reading, Im going to go to Sears tomorrow and check out the GT5000 in person. If everything looks/sounds right, will probably buy. Thanks for all the help folks.
  4. MowingInAZ

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    I'm sure you'll be very happy with your purchase. Just make SURE to get the hydro.
  5. jd270

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    for that much you could get a nice used jd 318 i have one it is a nice tractor i also have a 110 and a 265 and a 525 i just picked up a nice lx 186 from my dealer for 700 dollars so i know there are some good buys on quality used stuff out there..........the 318 has wheel wieghts so it works well on ditches
  6. Smalltimer1

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    It is mow up and down, not side to side, side to side is what causes rollovers.
  7. Smalltimer1

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    That 180 is a tough machine. My grandfather mowed 5 acres with one for 15 years and it never gave him a lick of trouble, turned around and sold it for $1500 in 2003 and bought a new LX-288.

    I try to stay away from Craftsman just because 1. they are just not built to the standards that John Deere and Simplicity are, 2. They use lower end to mid grade engines and transmissions at best, and 3. When they get older than about 5 years old they start nickel and diming you to death, such as today where I had to replace a starter switch and solenoid on a 2003 Craftsman LT-2000. The only thing that I can see that Craftsman has going for themselves is parts interchangeability. I can take a 1987 Craftsman LT-2000 6-speed and the whole clutch assembly will fit a new 2005 Craftsman LT-2000 6-speed, same goes for the transmissions.

    In fact I am selling a 1993 K-Gro (K-mart branded Craftsman) 18hp/42" 6-speed lawn tractor right now. I have a Craftsman parts tractor that will go with it as well to whoever buys it. I'm asking $150 for it, just needs a battery and belts. Not a bad deal IMO.
  8. Soupy

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    Hustler holds hills great, but they are not cheap. I cut some hills now, that I thought I would have never cut. Actually I bid on a lawn this year that I thought I would have to walk behind, but after landing the job and giving the Hustler a try I now see that the Hustler even outperforms my bold standards on were a ZTR will go. Not only does it mow the hill, but it mows it in all directions. I'm talking hills that ware you out walking up them and they are only 20-30 ft in height.
  9. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

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    hey smalltimer, got a question for you on the 180, ive got ones going by the #'s it was built in 88 well it wouldnt start a few weeks ago (only use it with a snowplow) and it wouldnt start, so i put the large jumper charger on it and crank that baby up and smoke shoots off the positive terminal, parts manual says there should be some 20 amp fuses but where are they i cant find it, also the battery had to be jumped last winter so i know it has a leak but have no clue where

    also had the transmission rebuilt last year after i burned all the gears out on 14 inches of snow ;)

    im thinking of hunting down a 185 with a hydro on it and keeping the plow and weights and selling the tractor and deck (which wont remount correctly, since i bent the mounts on the front from the pressure on the snow plow
  10. Smalltimer1

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    I don't quite see why the battery would be 'smoking' unless you have crossed the terminals. Have you checked your voltage regulator?

    14" is way too much snow to be pushing with ANY 100 series lawn tractor, thats why your tranny threw its hands up. You need to step up to at least a 200 series. It will hold up much better because everything about it is heavier.

    The snowplow tractor in the pic is a JD 420, which is a lot of tractor. I'm guessing there's about 16" of snow on the ground in that pic, and you see he pushes with the blade and when it gets too thick he uses the 3 pt. rotary snow plow to get it gone.

    You could get by with a JD 200 series and a 48" blade or 42" snowthrower.




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