Best trade show?


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Akron, Ohio
Looking for the best trade show in US. Interested in one place with all makes, manufacturers for all of the seasons. One place that we can look at commercial mowers, plows, and leaf equipment. Any suggestions would be great.


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Beaver Falls PA
I agree with AllDayRJ. The GIE show in Louisville is the one show where you can see about all of the equipment in the industry. It is held every year at the Fairgrounds and Exposition center near the Airport in Louisville and runs for two days at the end of October. This year was the week before Halloween and I believe it is the same week next year. Here is a link to the web site.

Your other options would be the CENTS show in Columbus which will be held Jan 7-9th at the convention center. It is more plants than equipment but there is equipment there.

A small show but close would be the Ohio Turfgrass show and convention which will be held in Sandusky on December 9-11th. It is a small show but there will be equipment there. Here is a link to that show.

Your last option would be Power Show Ohio which is a mix of Farm Equipment and Lawn Equipment. It will be Jan 29th to the 31st. and is held at the fairgrounds in Columbus.

Your best bet is the show in Louisville but the others are close and could be worth your time. Louisville is a really big show and a really good one.

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I have been to the Expo in Louisville since the start. It was great in the beginning because you had an extra day. Great place to see all types of new equipment and actually get to experience how they ride. Too bad the Expo has reduced the number of days. It is really hard to see all the new exhibits on a two day base. If your going just a little bit of info so make sure to get a place to stay early. I normally go the Drury Inn. The price of the room also gets you a full breakfast of a morning but a full dinner at night. Add in free drinks and indoor pool plus other items ...not bad for the money! Anyways if you do go the expo...wear comfortable shoes. A lot of walking indoor and out. The expo parking is a charge. If you get to go hope you enjoy it!