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Best truck for Salt unit


LawnSite Member
Looking at adding another plow/salter unit.We need 4-5 ton salt capacity,and a nine or ten foot blade.I would prefer a pickup over a medium duty truck,due to licenses required,cost of licensing and insurance.Any ideas on a pickup with a high enough GVWR to carry a 9-10 ft blade and a large v-box or dump bodytailgate unit.I have also looked at some of the HinoMitsubishi style cabover's.Anyone use these and how do they hold up.


LawnSite Bronze Member
You will need at least a F-550 to carry that weight and plow. Even the Hinos and MF in 4wd form only have a 15000 gvw.
One option would be a double acting body on a 450/550 chassis. You will then save a 1000# of weight from not having to use a slide in hopper.

Mike Nelson

LawnSite Senior Member
My opinion:

I feel the best plow combo you could put together is a Mitsubishi FH (17,960GVW).automatic,central hydraulics,Boss9'Vplow,4 yard Downeaster sander mounted directly to frame.
We been using one since 1993 and to boot it is 2 wheel drive.No pickup could ever come close to turning radius.This truck doesn't owe me a dime.
Just my opinion!!!

Mark Oomkes

LawnSite Fanatic
Grand Rapids, MI
Definitley a 550. You might want to check into a Freightliner FL20 (I think), it has a 19,000 GVW and would probably outlast a 550. I'm not sure on price, we looked at one but no in detail.

IN CT it has to be under 26,000 GVW and it has to have no air brakes. I think you would be better off with a Freightliner or Ford F-600 I dont think that you could put a 10' blade on anything smaller. Just My two cents


LawnSite Bronze Member
Don't buy a Frieghtliner. Talk to any DPW or State DOT, Fire Departments also have problems with Freighliners.

If you want something that is nimble, go with an F 550. You can use one to do driveways, but it isn't as easy as a 1 ton or pick up.

If you are plowing big wide open lots. Get an F 650 which in under CDL. Get a 10' plow and a large v-box or under the tailgate spreader, and your truck will be great.


Mike Nelson

LawnSite Senior Member
This is regulated by the federal government.They write the rules and all states must comply.

Technically if your truck is over 18000lbs. and is used commercially you must have a non-CDL classC(N.Y.).The rental truck companies are classified as non commercial(up to 26000lbs).

In New York drivers who drive a vehicle over 18000lbs.,but less than 26000lbs.You are required to possess a NON-CDL class C license.Just one more way for them to make MONEY!!!!
Remember the dealers just sell the trucks.It is only protecting you if your drivers have their CDL.Some of the info that is on the tests might be needed some day if a situation arose. Hope this info helps.