Best Turf for a new lawn...where can I find it?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Will K, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Hello educated and experienced turf gurus. I have just purchased a home and really hate the dead grass and poorly maintained appearance of my lawn and have always wanted the turf feel and look, it is both visually pleasing and fun to play on with the kid. I have done some research and think that the Sea dwarf Paspalum is the way to go. I live on a canal that could get brackish but only with a major storm and I plan on using it to irrigate the lawn. There is some shade in the back but think it gets ample sunlight. I am on the West coast of Florida in the city of North Port. I can’t seem to find any prices for this grass and not sure if there is a lower priced alternative. I really would like a nice lawn and don’t want to pay crazy prices for it. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated and I plan on doing most of the work myself unless it is completely unrealistic. Thanks in advance.
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    I am 50 miles S of you and I did a large back yard in Sea Isle Supreme two years ago. You can't beat it on the beauty and fun scale. However, it is very difficult grass. Don't plant it unless you have a good sprayer and someone that can tell you how to take care of it. I would still recommend paspalum if you want to spend an hour or two a month taking care of it. There is a sod farm in Bradenton that sells the Sea Isle. I think it is 20 cents a foot. Good Luck
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    Here is my paspalum in happy times. This summer has been difficult with the drought, a broken pump and six days of rain in a row. Hopefully, it will look like this again in a month or two.

    IMG_0034 cropped.JPG

    IMG_0606 cropped.jpg

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