Best Used Medium Duty Truck. GVW 14k to 25k

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CrewCutEnterprises, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. AtoZ

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    If you are looking for a light duty dump there are only 2 brands - I'm not counting the cabovers. GM and Ford. Gm has the 4500 & 5500. Ford has the F-450 & 550. GMC 5500 has a gvw of 19,500 lbs and the F-550 has a gvw of 19,000 lbs...

    New or used you can find any of them relatively easy. For my next purchase I will be getting a 5500 D-max 4x4 with 12' dump body with fold down sides.

    I run a F-550 6.0 and have been very happy with it. I can haul 5-6 tons no sweat. Legally only 4 tons. In my state anything over 26,000 lbs requires a cdl. A cdl is no big deal... With the 550 I can put 5 tons in the dump, pull a trailer with utility vehicle and skid loader - with ease. It weighs approx. 32,000 lbs when fully loaded. It pulls this no problem...

    Medium duties are a totally different breed and are not to be confused with the GM 5500 or Ford F-550. They can be had in configs. from 19,000 gvw to 33,000 gvw. Lo Pros are not derated and can be had from 20,000 to 26,000 lbs gvw.

    I also run a 2005 Freightliner M2 with a 300 hp Mercedes Benze Diesel with 6 speed Allison Auto... It has a gvw of 33,000. I can legally haul 10 tons with it. The M2 makes any D-max or Powerstroke look like a Yugo. There is simply no comparison between a medium and light duty truck. The medium duty will last 4 times longer. Used medium duty are easy to find but are usually only avail. in lower horsepower. My Freightshaker is like putting in 3 D-Max's in the engine bay.

    But brand new Medium duties are very expensive. Brand new light duties are not that bad in price. Plan on spending $30,000 to $35,000 on a GMC 5500cab & chassis with D-max....
  2. Travel'n Trees

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    I like my international, wouldn't touch the FORDS, the zone rep and dealer have threatened to take away my warranty if I use my f550 crew cab psd xlt 4x4 dealer installed dump bed around dirt, rock, or mulch!!! P.S. F-550 FOR SALE!!!Or trade anyone got a Duramax and want to step down a notch to a FORD??
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    What a crock....find another dealer. And watch the step down to a's a real steep one...:dizzy:
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    The volume you posted is no where near sufficient to justify a dedicated truck. If you want to reduce the trips to the mulch yard or landfill, get yourself a 14k dump trailer or two and load it up. That is a very cost effective solution to hold you over until you do have volume to justify another truck.
  5. OP

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    So what am I suposed to do, get a 14k dump trailer to pull with a f350 with a gvw of 13,000 gvw.....
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    i would say go with the international 4700.. parts are reasonable and the 466 like was previously said is a true workhouse.. theres been a few nice ones on ebay recently too..
  7. OP

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    What international do you have? As for ford taking away your warrenty, I do doubt that unless you are abusing it, well wait i think we all do. Id love to hear more information about your truck and what size motor, trans etc.
  8. OP

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    So could I Derate a 4700 to 18,500 lbs?? or to 22,500 lbs? each option would leave the ability to Tow a trailer. Thanks for all the information
  9. OP

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    Ok, Well I went and test drove somemore trucks.

    #1 1999International 4700 with DT 466 and allison auto, very easy to drive, It had a 16 ft body but i want a 14 footer. 25,500 gvw

    #2 2003 Ford f550 with 12 food solid side dump. Powerstoke 6 liter, auto trans 17,500 gvw

    The other vehicle i would like to drive is the
    GMC 5500 topkick, duramax and an auto transmission. 12 or 14 ft dump.

    The best all around option is the 1999 to 2001 international. Its a nice all around heavy duty truck and the best part is the dealer is 2 mins away, really 2 mins, it would be great. As for justifing the purchase, it would be an end of year purchase about mid sept or so. I like to plan ahead.
  10. Gravel Rat

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    If I was going to be hauling larger amounts of material I probably would stick with a medium duty. If you want to pull a trailer and haul a partial load you are going to need a 5 ton.

    I don't think a F-550 will handle a trailer plus a load on the truck it will be okay just for just a load in the truck.

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