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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by the ace, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. the ace

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    I have about 24 small lawns that can only be mowed with a 21" mower due to the small gates in the backyard. What is the best commercial grade 21" or eaqual mower for this situation. I don't want to buy something that can't hold up to 20+ hours of mowing every week. Any help would be greatly appeciated.
  2. nobagger

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    Ace, Exmark is coming out with a 26" push mower. Its a little pricy though, to the tune of $1350.00. Our 21" Husquvarna we bought from Lowes has held up for 2 years now, and it looks and runs like brand new. Just do routine maintenance. But any commercial mower I would think would hold up. Plus bigger fuel tank is a plus.
  3. Appalachian landscape

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    honda makes some nice 21" mowers. My old boss had one for 13 years in commercial use, and i've had a honda tiller since 1987 and it still runs like new.
  4. procut

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    Commercial 21" mowers seem expensive for what they are. You may want to consider just a nice, dare I say "homeonwner" model. For example I've had a 21" toro self propelled that came from Lowe's. Its going into its sixth season, and is still running great, it has a several minor repairs though.

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