Best way for collecting payments?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LuckyLawns, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. zeroman

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    Thank you for your input, I may see most of my clients maybe once or twice a season. With my invoice I tell them about specials or I will email them letting them know it's time to do shrub work or redo the beds.
  2. donamow

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    Prepay is the best way. I'm telling you, start putting a system in place. When you start going your time is going to be worth more. We make all clients prepay or collect on site after the job is done but most of the time it is prepay before service. You feel a lot better when you already gotten paid.
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  3. Local Lawn Artist

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    I love Using Stripe with Lawnpro...
    I invoice the customer and they can pay there invoice using there credit card and it marks it as paid on my end. 2 business days later it is in my bank account. Also when they get there invoice through there customer portal, they can view previous invoices, see any payments they have made and can leave me a message and I get that message right to my email and can reply right back. Also having the ability to save credit card info and then every Tuesday we charge there card that's on file for there last mowing it goes through stripe, marks the invoice as paid the customer gets a emailed invoice and a receipt from stripe and 2 business days later money is in my bank account. I really like that constant cash flow. I have 15 that pay that way. I have some that are nervous about giving out there card info. So they get a weekly invoice to there email right after there lawn is mowed I send it to them and they pay it right online through there customer portal. The other new method I am looking at is invoice through text. Getting paid as soon as possible and making sure you are pricing correctly and really doing a budget and keeping track of your expense using a profitability worksheet where you enter in your average Price for mowing a customer and all your expenses to mow that lawn. You can be successful.
  4. zeroman

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    This is my 3rd season and I am using Quick books and not really happy, it takes several days till the money hits my account and there fees seem to be higher. Yard books really is really cool I use it to do my routing. I think next month I am going to start using it for and get rid of quick books all together. This post had some great information. My customers like to pay monthly.
  5. Jake the grass guy

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    you mind explaining the routing i have been using quickbooks for 2 years and have messed with it a little bit but i cant seem to figure out how it works?
  6. zeroman

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    I dont use the routing in Quick books did not know they had it. Yard books is better.
  7. petscanning

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    Most of my customers pay right on the day of service, cash, check, paypal. I have some monthlys. What I tell most is to leave me a check on the backdoor. I will not and have never touched then money till im done. I havent earned it yet so dont touch it. If they trust you then that is easy enough. Take pics and then have them online pay you right away. I have only once ever did someone try and burn me but I like to keep my books paid right away if possible.

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