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Yes, i have read through many threads on this matter, but would like some advice.
By the time leaf season rolls around, i'll have over $5000 to spend on equipment for leaves. These are the 2 setups I am considering, please tell me what would be better for a 1 man operation. And I hate leaves, not because of the work, but how dirty they are, if that affects anything. I have a lawn vac, 61" scag wildcat, 36" exmark viking, echo backpack blower, 2 hand held stihl blowers, dump truck, and the tarps rakes etc.
The 2 setups to help me that I am thinking of are
1)Leaf loader w/a leaf plow for the scag
2)3 bag bagging system for the scag with gator blades
What do you big guys recommend to get all the leaves up?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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