Best way to advertise to increase repair accounts

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by citywidefw, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Google ad campaigns have worked best for me. Get someone who knows what they are doing, if you don't, and you can customize it to your area only. Tell it how much you are wanting to pay per click or give a monthly limit, etc.
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    op- My feeling on the matter is a face to face consultation or discussion of why you are really good at what you do would work the best...time consuming. In order to gain more accounts you need to gain trust..Trust is never gained with a piece of paper stuffed in a doorway or in a magazine add.

    Get over to a landscape supply company. Talk to people. Try to hand out cards. Get on craigslist and try to drum up some conversation about repair ect..Go to the section where landscapers advertise, text all those numbers.

    People are going to want you to hand out their cards if they do it to you...

    To get your must give and vice verse..

    Hope this helps good luck

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