Best Way To Advertise?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by FreshCutLawnCare, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Lamonicaslawnservice

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    door to door sounds easy but when I tried it people dont want to be bothered at all. I just got let down after 10 houses. Door hangers seem the same way to me and you cant touch the mailbox. I really dont want to spend a few grand on direct mail tho. Can you hire people to hand out door hangers and is it reliable?
  2. tedfrk

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    you could pay someone to hand them out but how do you know if there getting delivered?we have a weekly paper that comes out and alot of people look for it in there mailboxes on friday's it's also available at businesses,you can take an add out in something like that or you can also have them put your flier inside of it when it gets delivered.i am not sure which route i am going to go with it some people might just throw out the fliers who knows.good luck with your choice.
  3. FreshCutLawnCare

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    exactly i dont know if i could trust anyone! i think im leaning toward door hangers, but putting them out on my own time! im going to see how many customers i get with the hangers, then i will post an add if im really hurting for business! advertising is all new to me so any help i can get i appreciate!
  4. Grace9508

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    Door to door is great way. Go to some one you know's neighborhood and introduce yourself and present your company. , i got 2 accounts in 3 trys the other day. just being honest and smiling gets accounts
  5. stevenf

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    Next year Im going to pay some kids to pass out doorhangers. I will give them a per 500 pay rate and offer small bonuses for every account I get from them.
  6. J&R Landscaping

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    Flyers might get you some work. You will generally see a 2-3% return so you'll be passing out a couple thousand of them. Try uunning an ad in the newspaper. I run an ad in 2 local papers. Not to much money and they get good results and end up paying for themselves many times over.

    The best method of advertising though would be posotive word of mouth from satisfied customers. The fall is a good time to break in though as there is lots to do and it can give you a big head start on next spring!
  7. island associates

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    i use multiple tactics but the internet has really gotten me a lot of leads not for weekly cuttings but for plantings, masonry and backyard makeovers. I use a company that gets me on the first page of google, yahoo, msn for relevant keyword searches (not the pay per click) but the organic searches.

    LAWNBARBERSTFD LawnSite Member
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    Offer A Free Cut To Your Existing Customers For A Referal That Stays With You For 60 Days
  9. AdornTreeService

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    The best advertising is the newspapers and local radio. Our local radio is $5.00 for a spot and the paper is $93.00 for a month 3 times a week.
  10. rnd

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