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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by turfman33, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. turfman33

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    Ok, I know advertising is the best way to draw in buisness but what is the best way to advertise. One guy told me he did a mass mailing to a community once. I put letters in peoples mailbox once and the post office tells me I can't do that.

    What kind of advertising have you guys done and what kind of outcome have you had from it?


  2. MacLawnCo

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    If you search for "advertising" or "marketing" you will be overwhelmed at what you will find. Happy reading:drinkup:
  3. rodfather

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    Haven't advertised in 8 years of business. We go for customer referrals.
  4. lrose2

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    IMO the Yellow Pages is one of the best things that keep our phones ringing year round!
  5. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    I have had good succes with lots of flyers..rodfather is right refferals are good but you have to have customers to get those so i would go with the flyers or direct mail.

    UTM-PIKE LawnSite Member
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    My experience with putting flyers "in" mailboxes lasted about 5 houses long. Some chinese lady came out with a cordless in her hand screaming at me that her husband is a "United States Postal Service Worker" or mailman and she was going to press charges. I soon asked several people including the USPS and find out that paper boxes are OK and taping them on the outside of the box is fine. I think that taping them attracts more attention and means that you want there business.... that is if, when they pull them off they dont take off the paint with it. I love leaving a neighborhood full of flyers. It looks like a trotline, just waiting for the fish to take the bait.
  7. Andrew S

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    I think the more types of advertising you can do the better,be it yellow pages, direct mail, referals, community newspapers.

    The more exposure the better, do as much as you can as often as you can.
  8. B. Phagan

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    Start a referral program with your existing customers and clone the best ones. Offer gift certificates as opposed to credits.

    Professional truck and trailer signage, non magnetic

    Web site

    Flea markets, home shows

    jSpeak at HOA's

    Door hangers on each side of the resi's you do


    Limited direct mail with followup

    Specific mailing list

    Cold calling on properties you'd like to have within a 5 mi radius of your home or shop

    An excellent business name with professional business cards, brochures and sales tools.

    That oughta do it!!

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