Best way to clean up acorns?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by QuadRacer041, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. TheCleaningDoc

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    I can't believe that no one has the real answer.....

    Herd of white tail deer.......

    solve 2 problems at one time.......

    Acorns Gone

    Lawn Fertilized
  2. Guinness56

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    no way....I have that problem at my house due to the acorns that I haven't gotten to cleaning up. They crap all over my lawn as they eat up the acorns. Completely sucks...friggin mess. Can't walk anywhere without stepping in it.

    I think the Little Wonder might be the move.
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    I can't believe the number of acorns I had this year with my 15 year old trees. And here I thought it was entirely due to my fertilization program why I had so many acorns. I have already cleaned them up a few times (using my BP blower and then with a rake and shovel). I have a Echo PAS with a power broom, never considered using it, I'll have to try it out. I know people use them to get gravel out of their yards from plows so it makes sense they work on acorns as well. Even with cleaning them up a few times, I looked up into the trees today, there are still 1,000s of them in each of the three oak trees.

    I have never seen so many squirrels as I have seen lately, they are feasting on the acorns along with the chipmunks and the occasional raccoons getting their share of them as well. That being said, they are hardly making a dent on the crop of acorns.


  4. FYS777

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    here is the best cure no one has said,

    use power saw and make cord wood, gets rid of acorns and pesky squirrels plus the leaves also.
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  6. FYS777

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    o-- bummer
  7. Guinness56

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    seriously, though - I'd love to know if anyone's had success using the LW HPV on jobs cleaning up acorns. My limited use indicated it should work well...
  8. TwinTurbo

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    Like someone else said, we had a big year just a couple of seasons ago and this year is another banner year for acorns. I noticed one difference this year; they are already rooting! I think the damp weather has made a big difference with difficulty in cleaning them up.

    I have a small walk behind vacuum that isn't quite up to the task of vacuuming them up. I have a DR Leaf and Lawn vac that I use for most chores but unless you disconnect the hose and lay it on the ground, even it has problems with acorns. I use my LW 9hp blower to herd the acorns, sticks, leaves, rocks and anything else in its way. But it's no match for the ones that have already sprouted and taken hold. Those need mechanical action to free them before they can be collected. I'd say a good 50% of them are rooting. This is the first year I thought it might be good to have a paddle broom.

    Last time, I got 7 garbage cans worth of acorns from my own yard. This year, I have done maybe 1/2 the yard and I already have 5. I hate oak trees!!!
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    We make piles and load up barrels. There's no point dragging piles of acorns all over the lawn lol. The best rake to clean up acorns is called the Rugg Kleen Sweep, couldn't find any pics but they're all metal and made in MA by Rugg MFG. Pretty old fashioned looking rakes but also very sturdy.
  10. nswc101

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    Here's a pic actually:


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