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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MDLawn, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Materials ordered, should be delivered this week. Hopefully things go smoothly 50% of the time. Fence is coming out to make it a little easier to deal with. Gotta admit that I'm a little nervous on this one. Why? Not sure. Don't want to screw up I guess. I know it wont be perfect but I'm excited to see what's involved and plan on posting all the costs associated with the project to give others and idea of what it costs to do. Also I already posted this in a different thread but my supplier, where I took their contractor training, said that the geo-textile is not needed and according to new research is causing more problems. Thoughts.....
  2. MDLawn

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    Got the materials on site, picking up the rentals tomorrow. Hoping to get the area dug out base in and hopefully starting stairs and small wall. Thanks to anyone who helped give ideas or advice. I'll try and take as many pics as I can but often forget when busy!!



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    I'm not a fan of dumping anything on a guys lawn, granular especially!
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    I made that mistake on one of my first installs. After is was dumped, my first thought was "s*** this is going to be a pita to get out of the lawn when I'm done. Thankfully when the homeowner saw it when he got home he actually asked me to spread more stone in the area when I was done so he could park his boat trailer. That's the last time I have done it where it wasn't 100% necessary
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    Yea it's my brothers and we are redoing that area anyways. His driveway was just sealed and the street was a no no. However, I COMPLETELY AGREE otherwise.

    Day 1- got a decent amount dug out in about the 5 hours I was able to work there. Still need to knock down a few spots about 6". I wish I would have made better equipment choices. That mini skid can take of the first 6" but the next 3-4" is turning out to be a real pita. Plus access and area for movement is very tight. But a mini x wouldve done better but I needed the ability to move the material. Hoping to get it dug out and start laying base tomorrow. This is quite the project for me I have to admit. Overwhelmed, maybe a touch right now. Will feel more confident if I can start laying base tomorrow.
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    Good luck with it. I did a few projects for family in the beginning. I just kept in mind that this is a project I will be seeing a couple times a year for years to come at family get to gethers. I made sure to do it right because I knew any imperfection no matter how small would haunt me everytime I would be there in the future. It's good to hook family up when I can, but family will usually be the first to call about any imperfections

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    Subbing to see the progress pics on this.
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    Day 2, definitely my last hardscape job I'll ever do. I feel like the blind leading the blind. My major hurdle is the pool deck. The railing must be 48" from ground level. My brother said changing the railing was not on option. So everything is based off that height which is going to result in a low patio. I feel like everytime I think I made progress it looks like there is SOOO much more. When this is done I cannot wait to leave it behind me. Hardscape pro's, it's all yours, I want nothing to do with it.




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    Lol, hardscaping isnt for everyone but once you can your technique down and look 10 steps ahead while doing the project it gets easier and faster. Digging out with a dingo totally sucks I know I have done it when a skid wasnt an option and its slow going to say the least. Hope it turns out for you, its rewarding to finish a nice paver job and know that everything was done perfect and there will be years of use and enjoyment from it.
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    watching post more

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