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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MDLawn, Apr 25, 2011.

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    On the patio I was't a big fan of the pattern, the lines are too long. But now that I see the walk way I definitely am not a fan of the design. The lines go all the way across the walkway. If you were set on that pattern I would have done a different one on the walk way and blended them together
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    Again, first hardscape. Only thing I was "set" on was completeing it. I agree, I don't like any of the product. It is what it is, but noted.
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    Here is the pattern

  4. MDLawn

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    Also I know it's not completed yet but all comments/suggestions are welcome. If a negative one, which are fine, I just ask that you supply the better solution or way as have already been done a few times. Also remember this is the first one I have ever done without any prior experience working for a landscaper who does this type of work. First time with compactors, wet diamond saw, and pavers for that matter, etc.... Most of you guys here do execptional work and I know this is not going to be remotely close to the product you offer your clients.

    A few things I have learned along the way:

    - Should have started with a more simple project.

    - Takes much more time than you think (especially for first time).

    - Totally wasted some money in rentals, as stated above, due in part to thinking I'd be moving quicker.

    - Don't put base stone on any soft surface. Luckily we have soil from removal to spread around and seed.

    - Leveling the base is so important and mine is off just a bit and you can see it, luckily still pitched away from the house though.

    - Laying pavers by yourself takes A LOT of time. Having someone be able to at least stage them for you is a time saver!

    - Cutting pavers takes a lot of time

    - All the small things you can't envision happening without doing many many installs.

    Hopefully my brother gets to enjoy his patio for a long time and thanks to him for willing to sacrifice himself for my rookie mistakes.
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    Looking pretty good for a 1st time job especially for a decent sized one. Looks like there could be a few waves in the patio but could also just be camera playing tricks. Something I do but is not favored by all hardscapers is doing the border quick and easy. What I do to minimize all measuring and piecing in is: Lay out the paver field, lay your border on top of the pavers grab a sharpie and trace a line on top of the pavers along border. Remove border get your cut off saw and make a cut along that line, remove cut pieces and put border back in. Huge time saver on any curved areas and a tighter fit I think.
    I remeber doing a job for my mom and dads houses many years ago when I started and I spent a small fortune on rentals, had no idea the time each part took and ended up keeping rentals 2-3 days total waste live and learn though.
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    Thanks Promower. There is a little dip in the middle that was a surprise for me as that was the spot I leveled and leveled. Ugh. I agree with your idea for the border but I had a wet table saw.
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    Imo you are still wasting time by setting up your soldier on the outside edge. I agree cutting in place is a huge time saver but you could of decreased that time by half at least if you would use "snap edge" as the layout tool instead of the brick.

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    looks good for a first time job man.
  9. MDLawn

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    Thanks GOLDPRO. Hardscaping is indeed that...hard. But if another job comes my way I'll feel a little better prepared in understanding what should and shouldn't be done. Not sure if you do any hardscaping but for me if a few jobs come up I feel a wise investment would be the smaller tools such as a paver saw & plate compactor. For the money I spent on renting those two items I could have found a good used gas paver saw. I can rent the big stuff like a skid steer or mini ex as those have a tremendous up front cost.

    For those seasoned in hardscapes I'm just curious how long this type of job would've taken you (eventhough im not done) and how many guys. Just for perspective.
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    responses in red

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