Best way to double a monthly contract price

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barkleymut, May 26, 2003.

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    My first year in biz I started mowing my Grandma's neighbors yard. First off I can only get a 36" in the fairly good sized back yard which I don't like. Second it is a leaf nightmare, even though I can leave the leaves in the ditch. She is very old and I gave her a really low bid. Now she is calling me and wants everything to look perfect all the time. I told her yankee beetchy daughter a few weeks ago to forget about me including a spring cleanup for no charge. She doesn't understand that 5 leaf cleanups means 5 leaf cleanups and none in the spring.
    I really hate to increase the price on someone I know is unable to afford it, but I can't take her beetching anymore. So how do I propose a new price? Just send a letter? Man I've got to get a much more specific contract.
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    you can do like i do when i give a customer a price on cutting there lawn i give them a price list for everything and that way they know and when they want one of the other items done they allready know the price and i also let them know that is for this year.
    so just send her a price list stating the on X date this will be the new price for the service

    mine is something like this
    mow, trim & edge $XX
    aeration $XX
    seeding $XX
    dethatching $XX
    leaf removal $XX
    trim shurbs $XX
    fall clean up $XX
    spring clean up $XX

    this way she will know what it will cost up front and if they do not like it then they can look for someone else.
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    barkleymut, first of all shes not beeching, shes bitching :). is your contract with her up or did you even have one? if you did (and its up), then write a new one which tries to fit her needs and yours. if you didnt have one then tell her your gonna have to set a new deal for her cause the old ones not working for either of you. i never waste my time writting letters to these people, unless it has to do with a contract and needs to be in writting. i talk to these people face to face, or by phone at least but if we cant come to a mutual agreement pretty darn fast, like five to eight minutes, i'm gonna wish them a nice day and take my hard work elsewhere. but thats just me, good luck . also, that bitching has got to stop immediatly , i dont go in bitching about the money, and i'm not gonna listen to them bitching about the work, not for very long anyway!

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