Best way to extend season and earn $ ?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HeartOfTexas, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I'd like to find out how some of you may have been successful in extending your season by offering services into the late fall and/or winter. I'm in Central Texas so snow plowing isn't a possibility and I hate to do Christmas lighting.

    I've done mowing, bush trimming and yard clean-up for about 8 seasons on a part-time basis but now find myself in the need to count on the lawn maintenance for a much larger portion of my income. In my area, the lawn mowing stops by mid-November for most lawns and does not begin until mid-March or April. November is a ways off but now is the time to plan for the slow time.

    The things I'm thinking of for late fall and winter are light tree trimming, perhaps organic lawn treatments, and maybe some small-scale landscaping. Still, these things would likely bring in fewer dollars since they are primarily one-time services and only a portion of my customers would want them.

    What do some of ya'll do to survive these months? Or do you get a seasonal job?

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    My only solution is to work when there is work. In Tulsa we have probably 1 month less than you do But. 8 month at 160 hours if working 40 hour week 1280 hours. 4 months at 160 a month is 640. If you can add 10 hours a week this gives you around 320 hours, so if you work 20 hours a week in the off season your real close.

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