Best way to get new customers(It really works)

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by curry, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. curry

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    I have been blown away at the response Ive gotten. Heres how I did it. I have a very upscale gated community I have been targeting. I went to the district appraisals website and pulled up all addresses from this community. I cut and pasted them onto the avery address labels. I then put my own label on for the return address. I then stamped them. By having each persons name, address, and my return name, along with a real stamp, it makes people open them because they dont think its junk mail. The first step is to get them to open it. I typed up a brief letter explaining my services and made it look professional. I also had 400 frig magnet calenders made and put one in each along with the letter and one of my business cards. I mailed 400 and they cost a total of $420. I havent mowed my first yard of the year and I already closed my thirteenth full service account with 10 being on a 12 month agreement. Thats a response of 3% already and I think I may pick up another 8-10 in the next couple of weeks. Its still a couple of weeks away from mowing. I tried the local newspaper 2 years ago and got 2 calls. Last year I put an add in this upscale communities paper and got one call. I think I found the right way to get these accounts. Hope this helps someone else.
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    Trust me ...a lot of us have done this and better...we just don't tell everyone.
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    I read several threads about getting addresses from the white pages and other places so Im sure I havent given away trade secrets. Just thought Id share my experiences.
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    Thanks for the help curry sounds like you are doing well and want to spread the wealth of knowledge to others I thought that what this site was for.
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    My assessor site doesn't have names. Just addresses and info on the property and house.
  6. kootoomootoo

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    Well if its a duplicate thread why post it.
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    Curry, I am in agreement with kootoomootoo.

    The methods that work for you, you should keep those ideas closely guarded
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    Thanks for the secret fellas!!! lol
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    After 10 years they are all duplicate threads. Why post anything anymore, everyone should just search and use the site as a database only according to you.
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