Best way to grow business?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by srenoch1, Aug 24, 2010.

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    getting a website is excellent advice but your suggestions for hosting and url are some of the most expensive I have seen.

    I use

    It cost me $45 a year and that price includes a url.
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    Good information posted in this thread....
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    A large chunk of processed tree flesh used to weigh down the bottom of a trash can.
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    Definitely get a presence online. Create a webpage, get a make a company facebook page, twitter, etc...if it works for the politicians, it's bound to work for us too!
  5. Az Gardener

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    Don't forget networking and diversity. Its important to network for referrals but you want to be networking with different "pools" of people.

    I network with other green industry contractors who don't offer the same services I do. I also spread the wealth by referring those guys work too even if I could possibly do the things I am referring them for. If its not my core competency I refer others. For example I am a certified Arborist but I refer a tree service for consulting work and deep feeding and some other technical work.

    I got a referral from a lawn site member Bill from Inspired, we are doing a clean up for that woman and she will likely become a regular maintenance client. I suggested that she would benefit from a fertilizer injector and she should have Bill install it. We have installed plenty of injectors but irrigation is his niche and she is his referral. I can't expect him to refer me work if he never hears from every client he refers me to again. You can't be greedy.

    I also network with several different groups, each one puts me in contact with another entirely different group of people. Here is a small list
    • Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts
    • Remodel Contractors
    • Irrigation Specialists
    • Lighting Specialists
    • L/S Contractors who don't do maint
    • Hard-scape Specialists
    • Municipal garden
    • L/S designer association
    • L/S architects
    • Small nurseries
    • Realtor groups
    • BNI

    Volunteer your time and get involved... and use you imagination!
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    A website is an absolute must, offer a decent service and support. Has anyone ever sponsored a local school sports team or something like that and got your business on their shirts and the like? Has it paid off to get local accounts?
  7. GreenI.A.

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    Some of the things that work best for me is referal programs and clover leafing. For fertilization I offer $20 off for each referal once the new customer compleates there 3rd service, the new customer also receives $20 off there new service as well. I have a real estate agent that hired me this fall. He has already given me enough referals that next season will be just about free for him. For irrigation I do a free start up and winterizing for each successful irrigation referal. When ever we are at a job we clover leaf the neighboring houses.

    One of the most sucessful methods for me has been advertising thru the local little league. I fertilize the fields for them and I get an outfield sign. i also get an ad in the program that get handed out at every single little leage game. My cost is a $500 yearly credit for each field I have a sign on.
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    Throw fertilizer at it, water it good.

    Uhm, no thank you, I have FB but I definitely don't want to be seen that way.

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