Best way to market sealcoating??

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by phil12984, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. phil12984

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    This will be my first season sealcoating. I have a website designed, doorhangers, flyers, business cards, Signs, and also joined ValPak for 20,000 homes for 6 months. What else can i do to get my name out and bring in work????

    Please comment or email me at for as much advise as you can give me.

  2. prestige101

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    i noticed on your valpak you had $25 off not a good idea it is better to do a 10-15 percentage off
  3. viper881

    viper881 LawnSite Member
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    why is it better to do 10-15% off instead of $25?
  4. prestige101

    prestige101 LawnSite Member
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    the best way to say is i do alot of drive approches and they average 12x8 i flat rate them at $50 and most large sealcoaters wont touch something like that for less than $100 and you start knocking off $25 you will start looseing if you knock off 10% u will be still makeing money or $25 off a 30 foot rubber crack fill and u loose money yes they may turn into other leads but its not a set in stone lead and when you are just starting off every penny counts
  5. pgrzes

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    I see you have a $135 min. on sealcoating, with that you COULD do the $25 off, but there are a lot of mini. drive neighborhoods in the area that you will need to do much better pricing to get into. Its easier to dance around discounts when its a % rather then give a hard number! Your signs and trucks look nice, but you are supposed to have your Pa. Hic registration number on any and all advertising in Pa. otherwise all the local Muni's will attack you. Good luck pulling and "STOPPING" a 700 gal. full rig with a 2500 reg. cab short bed pickup. I have a 350 gal. rig with a 2500 Crew Cab that can get a little pushy when loaded and full tank. Be careful in Doylestown, the license guy will take all your signs down that you work so hard to place!! Don't put them on the phone poles, they will fine you and you lose them. I know you prob. feel that I am always knocking on you, but I am just giving you some of the hard knock issues that you will incur in this business in the area. Hopefully the weather is better then last year!! it was a tough one. Best of luck this year, I am sure we will meet at the supplier sometime.
  6. phil12984

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    Thanks for the heads up i appriciate it. i know the tank is kinda big but i got the truck super cheap with a plow and it has 19k org. and everyone was telling me buy the bigger tank for the future. i dont plan on loading it to the fullest being that its my first year. once i build the business i will hopefully get another truck with more power. i guess i shouldnt have done the 25$ off i just figured 25$ off a small driveway and a % for over 1000 sf. ill be sure to take your advice and change it for the april ad. How did you already see my valpak tho? just wondering...and also if you dont mind me asking whats the name of your business so if i saw you at a supplier i can introduce myself. im actually trying to hook up with another sealcoater bc i got in with a nice paving company and they will be passing commercial work my way, so id like to have another sealcoater give me a hand if need be (not sure if other sealcoaters like to help out) but just throwing it out there.

    again thanks for the advice
  7. sealcutter

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    from PA.
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    careful with the % game, you really need to know how bid those jobs and know if the customer has the coupon. I do a flat rate dollar number up to so many sq. ft.. For example $10.00 off up to 1200 sq. ft.. I probably have a higher minimum than most just for this reason.
  8. richsealcoating

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    We advertise in local ads,, dex, having a web page and listed in BBB. We do offer a % discount based on sq ft amounts with one at 5% and one at 10%. These coupons are only good for a short time period at The begining of The seasons and is generally used to create a new Client base. Our coupons are only good for The sealcoat discount and not allowed to be used towards asphalt paving or any aspnalt repairs.
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