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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by BriansLawnService, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. BriansLawnService

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    :help: I am trying to add lines of service to my business to add revenue. I have had a few people ask me about over seeding. I live in central Illinois where most of the grass is a mixture of Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue.

    From what I have seen early fall is the prefered time to overseed. I have a Claussen core Aerator. I was thinking of doing the last mowing short, aerating, then overseeding with a broadcast spreader. Is that a good plan?

    Not for sure about the best way to spread the seed? Also do many people use a lawn slicer before spreading the seed?

    Sorry, one last question, what is the best way to price the overseeding? A percentage of the mowing or Aerating cost?

  2. paponte

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    Maybe I am wrong but there are many ways to seed a lawn. However, overseeding is done with a machine, such as a slit seeder, mataway, etc. :)
  3. WhohasHelios?

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    Really depends on the size of lawns you are dealing with. If you are primarily doing residentials, then i would go with the aerate> seed with drop/broadcast spreader> top dress with a nice rich soil and roll if needed.

    For bigger jobs, you may want to use machinery, but for little ones, its really not worth it.

    As for pricing, I personally have a square foot price that i use for rough estimating, but then cross check that price on every job for variables like how much do i travel to get to the lawn, type of seed required etc etc etc.

  4. br549oicu8

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    Aerate and overseed is great in the fall in the midwest IF the lawn is not in need of total renovation but just needs a little health help.
    If it is past that (you have to decide) then a slit/drill seeder is best. We have a Classen aerator also and the Classen Drill seeder. Does a very nice job indeed!
  5. boxsky

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    How is the Classen drill seeder to use? I have the opt to buy one and didn't know if it was as easy to use as the Lesco self prop seeder. Does it do a better job than the Lesco? How reliable is it?
  6. Green-Pro

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    We use a Billygoat slit seeder, get great results with it as long as the client UNDERSTANDS they need to provide water when Mother nature does not.

    This was a great revenue stream for us last fall,this past spring and this fall because of the beating the lawns took due to the severe 2005 drought.
  7. mac43rn

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    I used the classen drill seeder and it is a pita for making turns. I was very sore the following day. I would get the lesco renovator over the seed drill any day!!!!
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  9. LawnSolutionsCP

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    If your considering a new seeder. Take a look at our Turf Revitalizer.

    It has unmatched reliability and performance. We just updated our website with videos of actual customers using our product. It is as easy to use as a standard 21" mower.

  10. boxsky

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    What are the prices of the 3 models? Also the warranty says etc.. what exactly is etc? I'd like to see one upclose. i find the lesco controls a little akward and could be more user friendly.

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