Best way To pick up NEW ACCOUNTS

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Quail Creek LC, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Quail Creek LC

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    Guys, I've been in the lawncare Bus. for 10 years now part time. Well I've finally made up my mind that I'm going to quit my full time job and expand my lawncare bus. What is the best way to pick up more accounts?? I've never really had to go searching for new accounts for I've always had a full work load by word of mouth. I've used fliers door to door and that seemed to work. Just want to hear everyones thoughts on this. BTW Its pretty scary leaving a place that I spent the last 13 years to do this full time. Its either now or never.

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    use the search button you will find at least 10 pages on this or more.
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  4. kipcom

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    Been there...done that too. Yep, tighten up the belts and hang on !!!!!

    I have some friends that are true salesman & women. I have learned from them that the "direct approach" seems to be the best until you have a secure customer base. After that it is up to you how you grow your business. You can always sit on your butt and just send out mailers OR drive/walk around passing out flyers. I like to utilize my resources, meaning going to a business and introducing myself to the manager. This can be a bit more difficult if you are doing residential.

    You are your best resource....utilize it !!!!!! :cool2:
  5. The landscaper

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    I have done the same kinda thing with residential. Just go to a neighborhood and go door to door introducing yourself to everyone, even if they don't need your services chances are they might now of someone else who will.
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    Yellow pages has worked well for me. Not cheap though. But I got a lot of opportunity frrom the ad. A couple good accounts, and it pays for itself. I also get a lot of calls from the Listed under 5 categories and since their is a resort nearby, lots of out of town owners of vacation homes call to have maintenance done on their properties, and they tend not to be bargain shoppers.
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    i like to knock on doors and indroduce myself and hand them a card and show some pics.
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    The best( and cheapest way) I get new customers is going door to door, and actually taking the time to talk to people. When people are able to see me and I explain that I have a small business which pays my way through college, they are much more likely to pick me then if I just left a random flyer. Those are just my thoughts

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