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Best way to pre-book aerations before sprinkler turn on.....?

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For starters it is pretty tough to get a solid 2.5 x times the mowing rate here [for aeration] and I absolutely refuse to bother for anything less than 1.5 x the mow rate. Simply no point in bothering below that price point. Most of my aerations are at 1.8 to 2.0 the mowing rate.

My goal for this Spring is to have flyer door hanger 1099 subs who will be dropping off flyers/hangers, low key solicitation if the customer is outside [this is what I do] on the spot quotes when possible & close the sale and hand out sprinkler flags and most of all scedule least 20+ aerations the following weekend for maximum market density. I have 3 people in mind all and all have the ability to sell aerations, quote & hand out flags. These are far more than flyer people and I'm willing to pay a base rate plus commission. I'm currently doing my own marketing but I'm starting to get busy with work and logistics of the business etc.

So my question is hardly any sprinkler systems are turned on and only a few have turned on their system or can find their sprinklers quite yet. What is the best way to close the sale and book these and defer them for a future date and NOT loose the sale? I'm am getting aeration calls now off my snow flyers from November. I ask is your sprinkler system turned on yet? .. they say no..possibly May? Ends up going "well put me on your list..."

Do I offer a pre-book pre sprinkler turn on discount? This will be printed on the flyer/door hanger

What has worked for your Co.? .....the best carrot to wave out in front of the customer to clinch the sale before sprinklers are turned on?
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Already have a bunch of "put me on your list" "I will call you after my sprinklers are turned on". ;)

I have too many of these already. Which means a flood gated of aerations that need to get done at roughly the same time = 14 hour days plus all my mowing accounts. :dizzy:

This basically means a death March of work all at once and logistical scrabble fest.
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