Best way to promote and price season long fert program...? Based on monthly fee...?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 12, 2013.

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    I'm not in my local market to compete with the big Ap Co.'s On fert based on cost per application but I know I can compete with using higher quality slow release products and organic based bridge products.

    I will be bundling numerous other services in the mix for those who like to mow their own lawns but prefer another Co. to apply fert and some herbicides.

    Issue is some of the bridge products and heat release products are much more in total cost. I expect to get superior results with as few as 3-5 aps vs. The 6-7 the Big Boys use. Clients tend to go into bean count mode then skip out on APS when cash flow dips or unexpected expenses. The typical response is the grass looks fine let's skip the Fall application.

    My operational caveats for the clients this year are going to be fairly firm. No evening or late pm watering. No more than.3 times per week. Client is strongly advised to not mow below 2.5" 3.0"-3.5" is strongly encouraged. All these accounts will be monitered and tweaked for performance just as if I mowed them like my current mow.and fert clients.

    There will be a signed service agreement and cancellation clause to recoup extra services if they bail early.

    So....what is the best way to up sell a fixed monthly fert fee from April-November...? I will be bundling other services that are Spring and Fall specific for the value added angle.
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  2. If you are there monthly, bill monthly. If not, I would bill as serviced. I do 4 apps fert/year and bill as done. Really depends on the client. Some would rather pay smaller monthly amounts vs larger bills and some don't like the idea of monthly billing. Give them an option depending on how much work you are doing...
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    Another strategy is a pre-pay discount in February...

    I've always been paid for work I've done(monthly) and the clients trust me to be worth the money...

    Problem is that cash flow is slow right now...
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    Yeah I'd take 10%-8% off for full prepay.

    I also have a structure for no billing monthly prepay and if they insist a full bore bill with no discount.

    What I'm getting at is I hate the paperwork hassle and I'd rather give them a discount and skip CC overhead fees. :)

    Some of my bridge products for fert are almost double what synthetic products are.
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