BEST way to properly kill a long and prep for removal

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by zzach001, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Hey guys just wondering your thoughts on when getting ready to remove a large lawn with a sod cutter ( over 4000 sq ft) what are the steps you take because I dont see how just going at it with a sod cutter n then laying new sod prevents those weeds from coming back?! im in tampa florida any input would help
  2. GreenI.A.

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    if i want to prevent those weeds and grasses from coming back I spray it all with Glyphosate (round-up). Let it all die. After a couple of weeks scalp what ever is there with the mower bagging it, the take the string trimmer to it all taking right down to the ground and rake it out real good. Once you get the mess cleaned up. I disturd the top layer of the soil really good to help encourage the break down of any remaining glyphosate. Then I seed, preferable I put down a few inches of fresh loam before seeding.

    If weeds werent an issue, just wanting to seed from scratch or sod, then I do the same but skip the glyphosate
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    What if you get like some giant tarps, say like 8ft by 20 Ft, and you just cover the existing lawn with the tarps, then place rocks on the tarps to hold them down. Come back in 1 week and everything should be crispy dead underneath.

    Light the lawn on fire, watch it burn, hose it down if needed, scrape everything.

    Might sound redneck to leave some tarps on your clients property for a week and then to burn the grass but it sure does work and doesn't cost you anything besides tarps which are reusable.
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    Not to mention you could call it Organic!

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