best way to remove a rr tie wall

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by vaacutabove, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Retaining walls are typically used in non perfect scenarios. As if it was a perfect scenario - then a wall would not be needed. With that said, unless the wall is along a driveway, in the residential world - there's a slim chance one would be able to get a roll off container near it.

    Been a Hardscaper since 1997 and with the exception of a RR tie wall in front if a townhouse I can't recall ever tearing out a RR tie wall where you could even squeeze a pick up truck near it. With our demo work we prolly permanently remove about 4 RR Tie walls annually.

    It's always best to tread lightly with advice from the WWW.

    An excavator is perfect for prying solid RR Tie apart. And if they won't come apart, an excavator is perfect for lifting a portion of the wall up so it can be cut with a chainsaw.

    If someone is inquiring about the best method it's because they're new and learning. I'd hate to see someone rent an excavator because the were told on Lawnsite to do so, and then be stuck with having to move 4-5 tons of wet RR Ties from the back yard to the roll off container sitting in the driveway out front with an excavator. As such a scenario would make that excavator turn into a dinosaur.
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    Well said there.
    I know last year I rip one out.
    Tools I use was a mini and a skidsteer, Tie tongs,Chainsaw Dump truck
    Cut the wall in 5ft chunks and mini pulled it apart. Skid steer hauled to the truck.
    The wall was still in good shape I installed it in 1989. The new owners didn't like the smell of the ties. Replace it with blocks
  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    Also, as walls age and rot - the landscape matures. Trees grow. decks appear. Fences are born, Sheds pop up. Wonderful smelling butterfly bushes own the side yard, Etc.

    If a wall needs replaced - chances are the accessibility to the wall is more difficult than it was when it was built, because of the aforementioned happenings.
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    I'm up for that challenge!
  5. DVS Hardscaper

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    But Dually, you need to read the rest of my posts :)

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    dam kinda expected this not to get any attention. since I don't do much hardscaping or post on this forum. I will be using a mini and I can get my dump truck with in the swing of the arm on every part of the wall. live in a area were vary few houses are on top of each other. This is on a 1.5 acre with easy access. Thanks again for the help
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    Depending on how easy the access is, Ive had good luck pulling them apart with Pallet forks and then using a mini ex to throw them into the dumpster.
  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    the beauty of pallet forks is that you can load around 4 railroad ties at a time. And perhaps more :)
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    I think that's one up for the mini! :)
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