Best way to secure an enclosed trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mkwl, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. mkwl

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    My company has finally out-grown parking in my parents' driveway, and so I've invested in a new 8x18' enclosed landscape trailer. Now, I will be parking the trailer, my other 2 trailers, and one truck in a lot with several other landscapers/contractors- outdoors within a fenced-in area.

    Now- I'm of course a little nervous to be parking in a place where I can't keep a constant eye on my stuff, so I'm looking for advise on which products work best to prevent both theft of the trailers themselves, as well as the best ways to secure the "cam-style" latches on the enclosed landscape trailers (as I'll be storing a lot of my mowing stuff inside overnight)?

    Thoughts? I'm thinking about the "gorilla guard" coupler lock for each trailer, as well as "puck" locks for the enclosed trailer- thoughts?


  2. joemower

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    Best way is to back it into something so the doors can't be opened and if possible keep it hooked up to the truck. At the lot where we keep our trucks, the trailers that have been broken into where the ones that didn't have there doors blocked no matter how nice of a lock system they had on them.
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  3. slowleak1

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    You can snap a gorilla gaurd off with one good blow from a hammer. Same goes for just about any type of lock for the doors. I would do like joe said.
  4. zechstoker

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    Back when I was working for a retail chain, part of my job was making sure all our storage trailers were secured as best as possible. During the time that we used these locks (see link below), not one of our trailers were broken into. A couple years later, they doubled our number of storage trailers, and instead of buying more of these locks, they switched them all out for long shank locks that they claimed were so tough that nobody could cut through them. Wouldn't ya know it though, every trailer with those new locks on them got broken into. Apparently these new locks were cheaper, and it showed.

    To this day, I swear by these High Security locks by Master Lock. I just wish that retail chain I worked for would've seen them the same way, but they wanted to go the cheaper route instead.
  5. jones68

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    A few guys discussed this in a different post I have a lock on the coupler and master locks on the doors. Where I live crime is low (knock on wood) up in NY where my father lives guys aren't messing with the locks they use one of those 18v reciprocating saws and cut a big hole right through the sides. Real flimsy metal and wood there. "Locks only keep the honest people honest." I hope and pray that this does not happen to anybody. If I was in a situation where my stuff wasn't at my house I would want security cameras pointed at all sides
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  6. Davids Lawncare

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    Sounds like a gold mine for a thief. All i can say is think like a thief ,take every measure that you could think about to protect your investment, don't be cheap in these area ex...trailer alarm, trimax wheel lock, titanium pad locks, cameras, GPS locators on your big equipment in the worse case..but if they are willing to cut a whole clean thru the trailer which I've read in lots of cases , nothing will stop them. If possible keep your small equipment at home GPS your big equipment and pray....if a thief wants something they are going to get it....sad to say:(
  7. Sprinkler Buddy

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    Have y'all considered hiring a night watch. Seems to me the yard would be a natural target for thieves. "Easy Pickings"
  8. Landrus2

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    Night watch he can fall a sleep. If you have a smart phone options are endless
    You can install cameras at location when they sense movement they can text you and you can watch on your phone what's going on :waving:
  9. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Move it out of Jersey!
  10. johnslandscaping

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    Put two stake pocket brackets on side door and slide two by fours or two in metal bar through them. Back trailer up to something. Keep truck hooked to trailer and put locks on receiver and ball of trailer. Alarm on truck. Alarm on trailer. Night vision cameras with dvr hooked to smartphone is even better. I have seen trailers in our lot stolen on camera. Only took five mins cutting hitch lock off with bolt cutters. At a friends place people would go under truck disengage trans push truck out of way and steal trailer or just take truck hooked to trailer locks only keep honest people honest. A thief will get what he came for. Make sure u have tag camera that has worked best for us. Also make sure u have insurance and understand your policy. Good luck.
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