best way to sell equpment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by leafitalawn, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. leafitalawn

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    I tried to start a second crew this season with no success...(couldn't find good help), and was trying to sell some of the equipment purchased for them. What has been the most successful way you have sold used equipment??
    I have tried a newspaper with no success.
    My ad was something like:
    LAWN EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: 6 x 10.5 trailer, 32" great dane 12.5 kaw hydro mower (champ), and McLane commercial edger....blah, blah, blah..

    I only had two calls in three weeks, they both said they were going to come by to see it, and never called back. I guess it might not be a good time of the year to try to sell equipment??
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  3. rodfather

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    IMO, you did it all backwards.

    First thing you do is find enough customers to warrant another crew. Then you line up the people (employees either FT or PT) who are going to do the work at these properties. And the third and final step (which happends to be the easiest), is figuring out the equipment you'll need based upon the number and size of the props.
  4. leafitalawn

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    south-east texas, near houston
  5. rodfather

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    Not to sound harsh, but what is the sense in buying equipment without having someone on board (even potentially lined up) to operate it? Sorry to read about your dilemma btw...
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    I actually had so much work that it was really hard for one crew to do. I also was set up for another wave of marketing but I didn't because I couldn't find dependable employees. So I decided that it was better to do the work that we have, than to get more work and have our quality and other customers to suffer.
  7. rodfather

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    That was a wise decision on your part. My compliments on that thinking.
  8. out4now

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    I agree with rodfather, better to keep what you have and keep quality up. Can't belive you can't find anybody though. Dependable though? Green industry is usually high turn over and sort of to be expected. You train a guy he'll be in competition with you in a few years. I used to attend lots of trade shows and classes and the private sector guys always complained about the turnover. Just part of the biz I'd think. Even at the school we had a lot of guys come and go, mainly due to the Arizona heat and hard dusty conditions. Maybe you should keep the stuff for back up equip. It's a sunk cost. If it has little hours on it why sell it for next to nothing when you'll just be buying new equipment to replace your current stuff as it wears out?
  9. leafitalawn

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    My main problem is that I don't have a 2nd truck to pull the trailer. If I did, I think that it would definitely be an easier task to find someone to run the crew. As it is now, I'm limited to those who own their own trucks, are willing to use them, are willing to work in the heat and other conditions, and are skilled/trainable, and last but not least I'd like to know that they are somewhat reliable.

    I had three different guys that met all of these requirements at one point in time. One turned out he was an alcoholic, another was perfect for the job but had to move in with his girlfriend (far away) because she got pregnant, and another (I thought) was perfect did a no call/no show two days in a row. Each of these didn't even last over 3 weeks.

    So I just decided that it was just too much trouble for now with all of the work I had to do and to keep on top of trying to fill the position..
  10. Albemarle Lawn

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    You will likely get more money for lawn equipment in the spring. Christmas is the worst time to sell anything unless you are Wal-Mart or Hallmark Christmas Cards.

    Great time to scoop up equipment on the cheap from distressed sellers.

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