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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Green-Cuts, Nov 25, 2005.

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    I am starting my business with a 21" Personal walk behind self propelled 6.5 horse power mower that was bought from COSTCO. It is a Honda motor and seems to be pretty good. I have a straight shaft Echo SRM211, 21.2 cc High-output 2-stroke Vortex Engine. Got the Echo from Home Deopt for personal use and planned on just using it.

    I also have a off brand blower that I use for the home as well, not sure on the specs on it. I also have a 2005 Dodge 1500 4 X4 for my work truck. I do not have a trailer and was just thinking of using my truck bed to start. I have no accounts lined up or anything yet either.

    I think I will having about $2000.00 for start up costs. What would be the best place to put my money?

    Thanks in advance for the input!
    Brandon Jolley
  2. stuie

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    I guess if you have your mower blower and whipper and these you see as sufficent to get you by on the accounts you are going to target Id hang on to the $ for now Keep it as money to get you by in the initial slow startup period of any business.As you get busier and get more $ flowing in then consider buying better and more efficient equipment.
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    Place a yellowpage ad, then follow with seasonal money mailers (or that type of mailed out advertising). Budgeting to reach your customer is a hard one to learn...and afford. Start out right and put at least 10% of your money back into it. If you can kick ass nobody knows it or how much stuff you have til you reach them. I hope you kick ass.
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    Your going to wear out that 21" mower real quick since it is not a commercial mower.
    I assume it has plastic gears for the self propelled part and plastic wheels. Anything plastic will not last to constant use.

    I would look in the newspaper for a used 36" commercial mower for around $1500. Try to find one with hydro units but you might not for that price. If the seller will agree, bring it to a shop that repairs commercial mowers to have them check the engine compression, spindles, etc. to determine if it is a good buy.

    Start ads in newspaper middle of march for 1 or 2 months to pick up customers. Nothing under $30 for starting out which seems to be the standard for cheapest price.
  5. stuie

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    Gopher has lots of templates for flyers etc and lots of similar advice and contracts etc.They are a frequent poster to lawnsite.Thought they were a sponsor but couldnt find their add
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  7. DLS1

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    I forgot to mention quick36. This is perfect for your situation for a startup part-time or full-time person to see if your really like this business. It is commercial and good price. Do a search on this site for "quick 36" or "quick36" and you will find good comments about this mower. If I had a business selling mowers I would include this one.

    I started out with a Home Depot 21" Toro Personal Pace and it last 2 months.
    Get commercial equipment in the beginning so you don't have to go through the cheap breakdown homeowner equipment route.
  8. Precision

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    If you are going the 21 route, my suggestion would be to check out what Justmowit has for sale. 2 for the price of one (don't know about shipping).

    Avoid the yellow pages. Too much distance to cover.
    do some flyers, doorhangers in target areas.

    if you need to do edging get a dedicated stick edger commercial grade, bent shaft is fine. $300

    for just blowing off driveways your blower should work fine for now. but start saving for at least a stihl BR340 or better $300 +

    Start budgeting for that trimmer to die / making it the back-up. You need two trimmers with you. Commercial trimmer +/- $300

    a ramp for getting that mower in and out of the bed of your 4 x 4. doing 9 yards a day lifting that thing will kill your back. Make it out of 2x4 and plywood $20 or by a collapsable (tri-fold aluminum one) $100, anything to make you faster and save that back. Remember commercial 21's weigh about twice what homeowner ones weigh.

    Get some Logo T-shirts(25 for $150), business cards ($45 /1000), magnetic signs for the truck (2 @ $150).

    My opinion is buy things that are not transitional. If you're serious, then assume you will succeed and buy accordingly.
  9. twcw5804

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    I have went the 21' route for 2 full years now. We have 2 and both residential for me and my wife. I would take that $2000 and use it for some advertising, more newspaper and doorhangers like other people have mentioned. I would only expect that with good advertising you should have a decent amount of accounts before the season even starts. With this then you can splurge and get the Quick36 with the money you have saved and buy a decent trailer.

    I currently working out of the back of a small truck, and I can't wait to have my trailer and quick36 next season. Go watch the video of it on their website. It is an absolute great mower for the price.
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    Thanks for the links to Quick 36. The mowers look great. I was thinking of trying to get the super duty. That would bring my starting costs to approx. $2500. Would I be able to do a ramp for my truck to get that mower in and out or you think I would need a trailer.

    Brandon Jolley

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